The 13 Best Dragon Type Pokémon

In the Pokémon world, few things are cooler than Dragon type Pokémon.

The Dragon typing was once the least-represented in the series, with Champion Lance being the poster child for them. However, 1000+ Pokémon later, there are now numerous pocket monsters inspired by the mythological creature.

Here’s our list of the best Dragon Pokémon.

Garchomp Is a 6-Foot-tall Land Shark

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Anyone who has played the 4th Generation of Pokémon games associates Garchomp with the final battle in the Elite Four. Cynthia’s Garchomp had a moveset that evoked rage in many players. That said, it was an introduction that proved Garchomp is one of the best dragon-type Pokémon.

Part of its design is based on a jet aircraft, and it also has shark-like features. It can fly at jet speeds to catch prey and attack opponents. In addition, it can traverse both the air and underground at those high speeds.

Flygon Is Known as the “Desert Spirit”

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Flygon is the culmination of an ugly duckling evolutionary line that begins with Trapinch. The line is similar to antlion inspect species that start as larvae and evolve into winged creatures. Flygon has claws like a dragon but has more bug-like characteristics like its eyes.

It’s known as the “Desert Spirit.” Its long dragonfly wings can whip up a sandstorm with ease. The sounds from its flapping wings sound like singing that draws in prey. That prey then becomes trapped in its sandstorm. It will sometimes split its prey with fellow desert Pokémon Krookodile.

Reshiram Is One of the Best Dragon Type Pokémon

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The mascot for the Generation V game Pokémon White is Reshiram, a white dragon with a deep history. Pokémon lore explains that Reshiram is one of two Pokémon that split from a single legendary dragon following a moral conflict between twins. It represents the Taoism concept of Yang and controls thunder.

Reshiram’s tail flares can change the weather by heating the atmosphere. It ejects flames from its tail as it soars through the sky like a jet airplane. That tail has similarities to a jet turbine.

Pokémon’s Take On Godzilla Is Baxcalibur

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It’s hard to believe it took 25 years for us to get a Godzilla Pokémon. Baxcalibur from Generation IX pays homage to kaiju history in multiple ways. It has a humanoid shape, possibly modeled after a costume made for a human being. It evolves from Frigibax at level 54, which could allude to the first Godzilla movie released in 1954.

As the “Ice Dragon” Pokémon, Baxcalibur has a unique dragon/ice typing. It can blow cryogenic air from its mouth that can freeze even lava.

Tyrantrum Is Treated as Royalty in the Pokémon Kingdom

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Tyrantrum is a standout among the many fossil Pokémon. It’s resurrected from a jaw fossil after becoming extinct in the Pokémon world 100 million years ago. Similar to the tyrannosaurus, Tyrantrum was a king in nature. Its strong jaw and large presence made it nearly invincible.

Its royal status is mirrored in its design with its crown-shaped scaling on its head.

Kingdra Is Based on an Underwater Dragon

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The real-life seadragon fish, a relative of seahorses, inspire Kingdra. As such, it has a dragon/water typing after evolving from the seahorse Pokémon Seadra.

This underwater Pokémon is known for sleeping in the ocean’s deepest depths. It can create massive whirlpools by just yawning. The scales that Kingdra shed are often given to royalty as gifts.

Miraidon Is One of the Best Dragon Type Pokémon

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Miraidon has reptilian-like features with a futuristic aesthetic. It’s able to change form to travel better across different terrain types. That adds to its relation with Cyclizar, a bicycle-shaped Pokémon used for traversal.

The legendary Pokémon plays an essential role in Pokémon Violet. It serves as a vessel for world traversal and the game’s narrative.

Hydreigon Is Literally a Hydra Dragon

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Serpent-like creatures from several different folklore cultures could inspire Hydreigon. However, its name and number of heads suggest its main inspiration is the hydra from Greek mythology. Of those heads, only the central one has a brain.

It uses all 3 of its heads to devour its prey and will attack anything that moves. Its attacks won’t slow down until its target falls.

Dragonite Is a Fan-favorite Dragon Type Pokémon

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Dragonite is the quintessential dragon-type Pokémon from its first generation. It may look like a rotund dragon, but it’s capable of flying faster than the speed of sound. It’s said to be able to circle the globe in 16 hours.

Its intelligence is on par with humans. It uses its dragon brain to help save people drowning in the sea and guide shipwrecked crews to the shore. Dragonite’s willingness to help has earned it the title of “sea guardian” and one of the best dragon-type Pokémon.

Rayquaza Has Deep Roots in Pokémon Lore

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Rayquaza is known for being the mascot of Pokémon Emerald for the Gameboy Advance. At 23 feet long, the green serpent is one of the largest Pokémon (its mega version is an astounding 35 feet long). Its shape and length are very similar to a Chinese dragon. A flying serpent could also be an allusion to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

It lives high above the clouds in the ozone layer. Years ago, in Pokémon history, it descended from the sky to disband a conflict caused by Groudon and Kyogre. Players relive this conflict in the series of events in Pokémon Emerald.

Mega Charizard X Puts a New Spin on a Classic Pokémon

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Fan favorite Charizard is a dragon but not a dragon-type by default. It received a new form in Generation VI, Mega Charizard X, which made it a proper dragon type. It evolves into the black dragon by way of a Mega Stone. Its once red flames now burn blue, and it possesses immense power.

The original Charizard and the X form were designed by longtime Pokémon artist Atsuko Nishida nearly 20 years apart.

Salamence Is Born From Dreams and Desires

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Salamence is aptly named the “Dragon Pokémon” in the Pokédex. The less mobile Shelgon evolves into Salamence after the cells in its body react to its desire to fly by growing wings. As a result of its newfound happiness, it will fly around with its fresh wings until it’s exhausted. It will destroy everything in its path if it becomes enraged.

Its name and appearance can be credited to salamanders. It has gills similar to the amphibian, which are often compared to dragons in folklore.

Walking Wake Is One of the Newest and Best Dragon-type Pokémon

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Walking Wake was revealed during a Pokémon Presents on February 27, 2023. This water/dragon type seems to be a distant relative of the legendary dog-like Pokémon Suicune. Its name refers to the term “wake,” when something causes ripples in the water from movement.

We know little about Walking Wake as of now, but it’s hard to deny that it has a cool design. It draws inspiration from the reptilian basilisk while keeping the colors and crown Suicune is known for.

Wrapping Up

What’s your favorite dragon-type Pokémon? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you love Pokémon, check out our list of the best ghost type ones.

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