Best Early Game Build for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

As with all ‘Soulslike’ games, gameplay in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is also heavily impacted by the build you have. This means your choices about the game’s different phases, spells, and weapons are absolutely vital if you plan on acing the playthrough.

If you are just getting started with the game and are confused about the type of build you need to put together, fear not! This article will explain the best options in the early game to have a smooth sailing experience in Wo Long without losing too much at the start and giving up on the game before making any substantial in-game progress.

Although there is no one-shoe-fits-all build, focusing your virtues on the Water and Fire phases with good deflection skills is a surefire means to devise an overpowered build immediately!

Strongest Fire-Water Build for the Early Game in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Fire and Water Build
Image Credits: Prima Games

Water and Fire are two of the five phases in the game. As the game’s name suggests, these five phases are based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin-yang, and putting your in-game virtue points (a sort of skill point currency) in these phases enables and strengthen related skills and weapons.

As described above, the best early game build has Fire and Water as the core phases. This means you must put in most of your virtue points in the Water Virtue and Fire Virtue trees. By doing so, you can develop an attack-heavy build that also rewards you heavily for good defensive skills.

Investing in the Water Virtue tree enhances your stealth, so you can silently pick off enemies without alerting their mates and being surrounded by vengeful killers. It also gives you the Chill effect on your attacks, which slows enemies down for you to run circles around them.

Where the Water phase will help you with mobility, the Fire phase will amplify your damage and reward your aggression. Trust me; you will appreciate this when the frustrating boss battles in this game turn you into the average angry basement gamer.

Now that you understand the build let us dive into the details of the accompanying weapons and spells.

Best Wizardry Spells for this Build

As the build revolves around the fire and water phases, the strongest wizardry spells you can unlock will also belong to these two trees. The best spell options for you to pick are:

Unseeable Form

Unseeable Form
Image Credits: sportskeeda

The best part about this early game build is that it paves your way towards unlocking the ‘Unseeable Form’ spell from the Water phase. This spell literally turns you invisible for some time, so you can go around your enemies’ strongholds without them batting an eye. Hey, Assassin’s Creed fans, this is the stealth you always wanted, no?

Amplify Damage

The name of this powerful spell is pretty self-explanatory. This Fire phase wizardry spell increases the damage you deal to all enemies for the next few seconds. Be warned, though. The name does not say anything about the source of the damage it amplifies, which means the damage you receive will also increase. Oops.

Ominous Chill

If you somehow mess up the stealth you got from Unseeable Form, Ominous Chill will help you save yourself when all enemies attack you in unison. This spell continually deals AoE (area of effect) damage that you can use to kill large groups quickly. It also applies Frostbite to all enemies in the area, so it is a really good spell all around.



This is probably the coolest spell on this list. Casting this spell makes you shoot a literal fireball in any direction that burns and damages your enemies. You can unlock this spell early on in the game since it requires 0 Morale Rank, making this one of the best options for your early game build.

Best Weapons for this Build

Funny Build
Image Credits: Axiom

The diverse host of weapons available to players is undoubtedly a very exciting part of the Fallen Dynasty experience. However, you will be glad to know that this is also where our suggested early game build shines.

The reason behind the pairing above of the Water and Fire phases is that the Dual Swords class in Wo Long scales amazingly well with both of these phases. In addition, dual Swords are a great, beginner-friendly option for the early game since they offer quick combos and agile deflects.

For damage and mobility-based build like ours, there is no better match than the Dual Swords. It is also the recommended class of weapons for all glass-cannon builds that revolve around killing enemies before they kill you, so it complements the playstyle that goes with this early-game build.

At the very start of your playthrough, find any good melee weapon and make do with it until you can get The Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords. Once you have these bad boys, no enemy will stand a chance against your fast-paced killing sprees!

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of possible build paths to take when you begin your Fallen Dynasty adventure, but the best early game build is based on a mix of the Fire and Water phases. These two phases complement each other very well and form a powerful and agile build that works insanely well.

Try this build out whenever you start Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and let us know of your experience with this magical early-game build in the comments below!

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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