Best Elden Ring Settings | Boost FPS & Fix Lag Guide

Elden Ring is a new game with the most sophisticated graphics that there can be. And for sophisticated graphics you are going to need some good and powerful technology for the game to run smoothly over 60+ FPS.

A low spec computer or lap top can lead to multiple crashes while playing the game, or even FPS drops. It’s recommended to check out how much your computer can handle and make sure it does not over heat or damage itself.

This guide will give you the minimal and the recommended settings to boost your FPS and fix your lag in Elden Ring.

Best Settings to Boost FPS & Fix Lag Guide – Elden Ring

In order to boost your FPS and reduce the lag that you are encountering in Elden Ring, I would suggest setting up some different video game qualities. Reducing the game’s graphics is always a good way to start…

Now the game may not look as good as you think it would, but you will not suffer from any types of crashes or FPS drops. Main reasons that people have low fps and get screen freezes is mainly due to shadows. Due to the fact that every particle of the game is a shadow, and 80% of it is moving, such as grass, trees, object, monsters, and even yourself the player. That is all movable shadows that will lower your FPS.

In order to boost your FPS and remove your lag from Elden Ring, I suggest lowering the following video quality settings:

  • Try lowering the resolution to where you see improvement in FPS.
  • Set it to Fullscreen mode so nothing in the background is taking up some FPS.
  • Set Texture Quality and Character Quality to Medium or Low.
  • Set Particles to Low.
  • Disable Motion Blur or any other effects that might enhance the video quality.
  • Disable Shadows or set them on Low.
  • Set Anti-Aliasing to Medium or Low.

These are the most common settings amongst games. The basic graphic settings to make sure that the game will run smoothly.

Keep in mind that if you don’t meet the correct specifications for your PC, you cannot play games on high graphics smoothly. You must have low graphics in order to enjoy the gameplay.

Written by Borut Udovic

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