Best Elden Ring Weapons Received From Bosses

Elden Ring weapons can be best described as diverse. FromSoftware has always added a lot of combo options and moves to their weapons and combat. However, Elden Ring’s weapons are even more complex thanks to jump attacks, weapon skills, quality builds, etc. Not to mention the sheer number of weapons in Elden Ring too.

In this list, we are focusing on the Elden Ring weapons that you get from bosses, especially the Remembrance bosses. These weapons are the best overall, offering great damage, scaling, weapon skills, and cool-looking moves, of course.

Best Weapons in Elden Ring From Bosses (20 – 11)

The first Elden Ring weapons on our list have decent application and are well-rounded. These weapons include those received from mini-bosses as well.

20. Winged greathorn

Best Elden Ring Weapons Winged Greathorn
Image Credit: FromSoftware

The first Elden Ring weapon on this list is the Greataxe you can get from the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor. This Greataxe scales off from Strength and Dex, both starting from the rank D.

The best Elden Ring weapons from bosses usually give you an edge in battle through special weapon skills, better damage numbers, etc. However, the Winged Greathorn’s Soul Stifler weapon skill is simply average.

The enemy protection debuff from the weapon skill isn’t really noticeable plus the casting time can prove risky against quicker enemies and bosses. It does hold some merit as a Greataxe though.

19. Golden halberd

Best Elden Ring Weapons Golden Halberd
Image Credit: FromSoftware

The Golden Halberd is one of the earliest Elden Ring faith weapons that you can get. Although, you will need to defeat the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave to do so.

The weapon does offer a few cool benefits. First, it has a good Str and Faith scaling, suitable for similar quality builds. Additionally, the Golden Vow weapon skill boosts the attack and defense stats for the user and nearby allies, which also goes for summons.

Lastly, with decent attack animations and damage, the Golden Halberd is a good weapon to pick up despite it not belonging to a Remembrance boss.

18. Lion greatbow

Lion Greatbow Info Page
Image Credit: FromSoftware

One of the weapons that you can get from the Remembrance of the Starscourge, the Lion Greatbow is one of the best Elden Ring weapons for archery builds. Moreover, its weapon skill, Radahn’s Rain, launches a hail of arrows from above after an animation. The weapon skill fits in perfectly with ranged builds.

Not to mention that you can equip Radahn’s Spear as your arrow to deal 20% additional physical damage to enemies.

Overall, this is one of those weapons in Elden Ring best used against multiple guards, horseback enemies, and mages, such as the ones at Raya Lucaria. Stronger enemies may tank through the arrows and close the distance, however.

17. Godskin peeler

Best Elden Ring Weapons Godskin Peeler
Image Credit: FromSoftware

The Godskin Peeler can be found at the Windmill Village in Altus Plateau, upon defeating the Godskin Apostle at the top of the village. It can be upgraded to be one of the best Elden Ring dex weapons with bleed. The way to do it is to add a Blood affinity and leveling up Arcane. This is a Twinblade-type weapon that scales from Dex and Str.

The Black Flame Tornado is a wind-up weapon skill useful against grouped enemies and bosses if you play it right. However, you can change the weapon skill for something else to better suit your playstyle.

16. Grafted dragon

Best Elden Ring Weapons Grafted Dragon
“Forefathers, one and all…”

The Grafted Dragon is a Fist-type weapon that you can receive from Godrick’s Remembrance. It scales from Str, Dex, and Faith. This is a one-handed weapon only. However, that can be good or bad, depending on your build.

The weapon skill is rather situational. The dragonhead grabs huge rocks from the ground in a circular motion and showers them forward, infused with fire. It works well if you’re really close to enemies since it deals maximum damage and has high accuracy. If you’re far, it’s the opposite. Though, among the Fist-based Elden Ring weapons, this strikes a nice balance between melee and range.

If you’re going for an all dragon build in Elden Ring, you can couple this with a bunch of dragon spells from the start.

15. Bastard’s stars

Best Elden Ring Weapons Bastard's Stars
Image Credit: FromSoftware

You can exchange the Remembrance of the Naturalborn for this Flail weapon in Elden Ring. It scales primarily from Dex and Int. As far as damage numbers go, Bastard’s Stars is pretty much in the middle. The weapon skill, Nebula, traces an arc pattern in front, which explodes moments later. This is a good skill for clearing out enemies.

This is still one of the best Elden Ring weapons against Void-type enemies, such as the Fallingstar Beast. Another such weapon is the Wing of Astel. Moreover, the Wing of Astel can be found in the Uhl Palace Ruins. So, you can take a pick between these two weapons.

14. Axe of godrick

Best Elden Ring Weapons Axe of Godrick
“I command thee kneel!”

Slow but hard-hitting, the Axe of Godrick is one of Elden Ring’s best strength weapons for the mid-game at least. It requires 34 Str and 22 Dex to properly wield. A slightly lower Dex requirement would be perfect, however.

The weapon skill is not only useful but looks incredibly awesome. It thrusts the ax into the ground three times, unleashing massive shockwaves that knock up all enemies in the area.

Additionally, the special R2 sweep attack is faster and hits multiple targets at once.

13. Axe of godfrey

Best Elden Ring Weapons Axe of Godfrey
King moves

The Axe of Godfrey has a few similarities to the previous weapon on this list. Both are damaging and slow Greataxes with an AoE weapon skill. However, the Axe of Godfrey leans more towards Str, requiring 42 points in it and just 14 Dex.

Moreover, the Regal Roar weapon skill works faster and gives the player a couple of additional benefits.

First, it buffs attack power. Second, heavy attacks now involve an AoE stomp followed by a massive cleave. It’s definitely one of the best strength weapons in Elden Ring with a really cool weapon skill.

12. Carian regal scepter

Carian Regal Scepter Info Page
Image Credit: FromSoftware

The majority of the best Elden Ring weapons lean towards quality builds. Carian Regal Scepter, however, is an exception. It requires a meager 8 Str and 10 Dex, but a whopping 60 Int stat.

It is one of the highest damaging sorcery staffs in the game, though the 60 Int requirement is too high. Other staff, such as the Lusat’s Glintstone Staff and the Academy Glintstone Staff, can potentially dish out more damage. Also, the weapon skill is practically useless without the sufficient Int stat.

Regardless, the unique boost to Full Moon sorceries is a considerable advantage that only the Carian Regal Scepter can provide. It is a rare, pure Int weapon in an otherwise crowded list of Elden Ring faith weapons.

11. Bloodhound’s fang

Best Elden Ring Weapons Bloodhound's Fang
Slick design

Bloodhound’s Fang is dropped by the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Limgrave. Since this fight is available from the very start, it can be Elden Ring’s earliest bleed weapon you can get from a boss. At a 55 Bleed build-up, this weapon is fairly consistent with blood loss damage. Apart from all that, this weapon is just a solid all-rounder. It requires 18 Str and 17 Dex though it scales better with Dex.

While it’s not as quick as other dex weapons, it is still one of the best dex weapons in Elden Ring thanks to its superb damage and weapon skill.

Bloodhound’s Finesse is a two-part weapon skill. It first slashes forward and uses the ground to jump back, following that up with an equally strong uppercut slash.

The jump back and the teleport forward are both great at evading attacks while the slashes deal a lot of damage. This is a big reason for Bloodhound’s Fang to be ranked high among the best Elden Ring weapons overall.

Best Elden Ring Weapons From Bosses – Top Ten

Elden Ring weapons with the coolest, most devastating attacks that are really viable all-around. Many of these are Elden Ring faith weapons.

10. Giant’s red braid

Weapons in Elden Ring Giant's Red Braid
Massive Range

This weapon can be acquired from the Remembrance of the Fire Giant and is a good weapon for ranged attacks. It scales off mainly from Str and Faith. The standard whip attacks are good enough though nothing special. Rather, the weapon skill makes the weapon click.

The weapon skill imbues the whip with fire and has a long combo that deals damage in all directions forward. Also, this combo is a bit faster compared to other Elden Ring weapon speeds. Similar to some other Elden Ring faith weapons, you can use fire buffs or talismans to boost damage.

9. Blasphemous blade

Weapons in Elden Ring Blasphemous Blade
Taker’s Flame Weapon Skill

The Blasphemous Blade is already a pretty good weapon as it is, due to the Str and Faith scaling going up to grade C. However, what makes this one of the best Elden Ring weapons is its lifesteal capacity and weapon skill.

You will heal 4% of your max HP plus 40 on every enemy kill. On top of that, the weapon skill is a long-range forward-moving blast that hits multiple targets in one go.

Although, you do need to use this weapon safely against bosses as many of them can evade this attack. Apart from that, you can even use fire buff incantations such as Flame, Grant Me Strength to further empower the blade.

Elden Ring faith weapons are usually strong and this weapon is surely one of them.

8. Starscourge greatsword

Weapons in Elden Ring Starscourge Greatsword
Gravity Magic

Moving from Faith to Int, we have the Starscourge Greatsword that can be received from General Radahn’s Remembrance. This colossal sword requires 38 Str, 12 Dex, and 15 Int, which isn’t too high.

The unique thing about this weapon is that using the two-hand input will result in the player dual-wielding the two swords instead of two handling just one sword. Furthermore, the animation and basic attack moveset for this weapon are different than other colossal swords.

Basic light attacks make use of both swords, dealing increased damage. Using jump light attacks is pretty useful here to break poise.

The weapon skill first pulls in enemies around the radius in front and slams the swords on the ground with a gravity magic explosion. It’s a slow but powerful attack, being useful against normal enemies but not practical in boss fights.

7. Hand of malenia

Death ahead

When it comes to Elden Ring dex weapons, you can’t go wrong with the Hand of Malenia. The weapon requires 12 Str and 48 Dex, which is pretty high. However, it’s not as far off as the Carian Regal Scepter since Malenia is a late-game boss and by then, you will have the stats.

Its basic attacks have great range, adding 50 blood loss build-up on every hit. It is one of the best Elden Ring weapons in single and multi-player.

Although, the main reason to pick this weapon is its weapon skill. Waterfowl Dance absolutely tears apart enemies and mini-bosses. Not to mention how powerful it is in PvP and the usual NPC fights in the game itself.

The wind-up before the skill is short, deals damage around you in a circle, and it staggers enemies. There’s not much else you need. Compared to other Elden Ring dex weapons, this one arguably has the best weapon skill.

Hand of Malenia is pretty good in power stance as well. Alternatively, you can power stance the Uchigatana, which is the Elden Ring earliest bleed weapon by picking the Samurai class.

6. Sacred relic sword

Image Credit: FromSoftware

The best Elden Ring weapon for farming is stored away in the final boss fight. However, this Greatsword is a solid choice for combat as well. It scales mainly from Dex and Faith, has slightly higher critical hit damage at 110, and deals hefty damage when two-handed. Jump attacks are powerful and fast too.

The Wave of Gold weapon skill launches a magical wave in a cone-shaped area forward. The cone keeps expanding as it travels forward, dealing damage to everything in its path. Not to mention that this weapon skill has the longest range in the game.

Easily one of the best faith weapons in Elden Ring with just as good melee capabilities.

5. Maliketh’s black blade

Weapon Skill Maliketh
Image Credit: FromSoftware

The Black Blade has pretty good scaling with Str and Faith, which a lot of players go for. As a Colossal sword, basic swings are pretty slow but jump attacks are a good alternative. Especially an upgraded Black Blade will deal heavy physical damage alone.

While the weapon skill doesn’t deal late-game damage by itself, it can be buffed using spells like Golden Vow and talismans. Plus, it reduces the enemy’s max HP by 10% for a short time.

The final flurry attack can consistently stagger, which is useful against bosses. You could summon your Mimic and just spam the weapon art, for instance.

Given that it reduces max HP, the Black Blade is one of the best weapons in Elden Ring to use with a Mimic against bosses like Malenia and Mohg.

4. Marika’s hammer

Marika's Hammer Info Page
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Quite a few Elden Ring weapons that you get from bosses are slower due to their type and size. However, Marika’s Hammer allows for more agility overall, thanks to its quick light attacks. Scaling primarily from Str and Faith, this weapon is another good addition to Elden Ring faith weapons and builds.

The weapon skill really complements the agile playstyle of the hammer. First, the character will rise in the air, holding position, then slam on the ground with a massive AoE blast. While mid-air, you receive an incredible amount of hyper armor and poise, enough to tank most hits. Also, the damage output is enough to clear an entire room of enemies.

3. Dragon King’s cragblade

Dragon King's Cragblade
Image Credit: The Loadout

Dragon King’s Cragblade is a heavy thrusting sword, one of the rarer types of Elden Ring weapons. Not to mention that it is a physical lightning weapon, adding to its rarity. This weapon scales well with Dex, requiring 37 points in it beforehand. I

t is a really good choice for PvE and PvP in Elden Ring. It deals 15% extra damage to ancient dragons and 30% extra to the rest of them, making this blade highly valuable. Also, the thrust attacks provide some better range for basics.

The weapon skill transforms the character into a lightning cloud that hovers mid-air and lands with a lightning slam for high damage. The player will be invincible during the cloud form while dealing damage to enemies that are close. This is a great way of clearing through a mob in the safest possible way.

This weapon skill also gives an edge in PvP battles. However, landing the final blast attack is tricky and overall, the weapon skill isn’t the most accurate.

2. Mohgwyn’s sacred spear

Bloodboon Ritual Mohgwyn Sacred Spear

Bleed is immensely potent in Elden Ring and perhaps the most favored stat among Elden Ring weapons. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear offers just that.

The base requirements for this weapon are 24 Str, 14 Dex, and 27 Arcane. However, it scales better with Str and especially Arcane. This stat offers some really cool advantages, similar to Elden Ring faith weapons. Not to mention that the Sacred Spear is a really long weapon, granting some valuable range to the player in combat.

The spear also adds 55 blood loss build-up with each successful attack while also dealing fire damage. The best weapons in Elden Ring are inclined towards quality builds and this fits the bill nicely.

Talking of blood loss, the weapon skill contained in this weapon is the Bloodboon Ritual. This is basically the same move used by Mohg, Lord of Blood halfway into the fight. Upon activation, the surrounding area will turn red and all enemies within it can be attacked three times. The spear is pierced into the portal, dealing blood loss damage to enemies and healing the player at the same time.

The Sacred Spear is easily one of the best Elden Ring weapons because of the weapon skill, blood loss damage, lifesteal, and more.

The Sacred Spear offers everything though using the weapon skill against agile bosses and PvP can get risky since you’re standing still the whole time. Otherwise, you can simply summon a Mimic to melt down pretty much everything in the game, similar to Maliketh’s Black Blade.

Also, the Bloodboon Ritual can be further boosted by using certain talismans such as the Winged Sword Insignia, as it procs on successive hits.

1. Morgott’s cursed sword

Morgott's Cursed Sword Weapon Skill
Slice N Dice

Bleed continues to be a strong presence among the weapons in Elden Ring. Morgott’s Cursed Sword needs 14 Str, 35 Dex, and 17 Arcane to wield. It is best scaled with Dex and Arcane, however.

As mentioned before, Bloodhound’s Fang can be Elden Ring’s earliest bleed weapon that you can get from a boss. Similarly, Morgott’s Cursed Sword can be a great replacement for the mid-game and onwards as it is also a Curved Greatsword with incredible blood loss damage potential.

The base bleed damage is 60, which can be increased by leveling up Arcane. Not to mention that the Cursed Sword deals a bit more Critical damage compared to other weapons in Elden Ring.

After the buff in patch 1.04, the Cursed Sword has held a solid streak in PvP as well, primarily due to better tracking and speed on the weapon skill. The Cursed-Blood Slice weapon skill is super effective, to say the least.

The two fire-infused slashes not only deal a good amount of damage but also build up blood loss. This alone can shred through most bosses, enemies, NPCs, and everything else. Moreover, it covers a large diagonal area on the first strike and a bigger frontal arc on the second strike. So, there’s hardly any doubt about its accuracy either.

Best Elden Ring Weapons From Bosses (Honorable Mention)

Fallingstar Beast Jaw is one of the best weapons in Elden Ring that you can get from a boss fight. This colossal weapon scales mainly from Str and Dex but deals Int based magical damage as well.

Not only is this weapon a heavy-weight in pure physical damage but its weapon skill, Gravity Bolt, is a powerful ranged magical ability that can stagger enemies from afar.

Final Thoughts

Elden Ring weapons, talismans, spells, armor sets, etc. together create several build options for players. Due to this, there are many weapons that you might find better or worse. So, join the conversation and let us know your choices for the best weapons in Elden Ring as well as the OP weapons that are missing from this list.

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I prefer video games capable of delivering powerful experiences, innovation, and competition. I like to talk about such games and offer something valuable to others with my writing and videos. And I don't mince words when doing so.

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