The Best Healers for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Updated for Patch 10.0.7

Best Healers for Dragonflight
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The newest World of Warcraft expansion is finally here, and everyone wants to know: what are the best healers in Dragonflight? With plenty of new content added to the game, including a brand new class and healing spec, it’s a relevant question. 

The latest Mythic+, PvP, and Raiding season has allowed players to find their niche and what works for them. Talent trees have had a massive revamp and have changed some builds for many players. This has improved some classes while taking others down a couple of pegs.

This guide will cover the best healers to play in Dragonflight and why, especially now there is the new healing spec in the mix. 

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S Tier – Preservation Evoker

Even with the latest patch, Preservation Evoker still comes out on top as one of the best healers in the game. They are a bizarre healer as most of their heals are a 30-yard range instead of 40, and they are primarily responsible for doing single target healing. However, their healing is incredibly powerful with abilities like Dream Breath, Spiritbloom, and Echo. Preservation Evokers are also one of the most mobile healer classes, as many of their spells are instant casts. Additionally, they’re able to cast heals while using Hover. 

S Tier – Restoration Druid

Restoration Druid is a fantastic healer and is one of the best. This is because their heals are very strong, have plenty of range, and have a tankiness to them as well. They work by combining spells like Restoration and Flourish so they can heal for longer. Resto Druids have a high skill cap, but it is worth learning as they have high mobility, and they can also deal a bit of damage with their DoT Moonfire or Sunfire. 

Restos have unique damage reduction with the iconic spell Ironbark and a lot of crowd control options with Cyclone, Soothe, Mass Entanglement, and Typhoon.

S Tier – Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman has jumped the ranks on our list of best healers for Dragonflight and reached the top in S Tier. They received a lot of buffs for the 10.0.7 patch, which helped them rise up from previously being in the C tier. They have very powerful heals, such as Healing Wave and Riptide. Not only that, but they have powerful utility spells, including Purge, Hex, and a slew of beneficial totems too.

Luckily, the Resto Shaman is a pretty mobile healer as they now have access to Gust of Wind again, and they can use Ghost Wolf to move faster in dungeons.

A Tier – Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin has changed quite a bit in Dragonflight. However, it is still a solid choice to pick in Dragonflight as they have plenty of utility and great healing spells such as Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, and Light of Dawn. This class allows for many different builds, depending on whether you want to be a melee build, a range build, or a mix. They also have extraordinary defensive abilities on a short cooldown. If you go into the talent of Unbreakable Spirit, you can use Divine Protection that bit more often.

B Tier – Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monk is a versatile healer you can take into Dragonflight that relies on melee healing. They have a lot of great healing abilities, such as Renewing Mists that can be stacked, as well as using Revival and Essence Font. Mistweaver Monk can also easily swap between healing and damaging mobs due to their melee abilities, making it easy to keep up with the team. They are also a great healer to take into Dragonflight because of their self-sustainability, ability to tank a couple of hits here and there, and high mobility. Although they are a B tier, please don’t sell them short.

However, it can be a lot to learn for those new to Mistweaver Monk. Mana management can be complicated for those who aren’t used to the spec, as a lot of the healing abilities used in single-target healing are mana intensive, and there are a lot of abilities to manage.

B Tier – Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest is a solid choice to take in Dragonflight at the moment, as they have some substantial healing. However, compared to the other healers in Dragonflight, they’re a bit lacking. For example, when players take significant damage, they can struggle to keep up with it.

That being said, they can be a great asset to the team as they can use Atonement to damage enemies, making their heals more powerful. Their most powerful heals come from Power Word: Life and Power Word: Shield, but Penance does come in handy.

Their defensives are pretty good, as they have three forms of dispel that they can use. Not only this, but they can also mitigate some of their incoming damage with spells such as Desperate Prayer and talents like Angel Bulwark and Improved Fade.

Overall, the best healers in Dragonflight have shifted slightly, but the top classes are still mainly in the same places as before. Some classes have also received some buffs, making their group content experiences better.

Tier list last updated April 15th, 2023

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