Best Indie Games In October 2022 | Our Top Picks

Best Indie Games In October 2022 - Our Top Picks

With the end of summer, fall has fallen across the world ushering in some hopefully cool breezes and refreshing bouts of rain. If you’re not one to be outside in the wet and windy climate, then there’s always gaming. With the spookiest month just around the corner, we’re getting a wave of great indie games that have decided to emerge onto the market. Some of them are spooky while others are pleasant, making for a good mix to go with all the different feelings people have for Halloween month. Of all of them, these are the ones that we’re watching most closely.

Upcoming Indie Games in October 2022

Monster Outbreak

Games have done a lot of things with monsters and they’re starting to run out. Even so, the classic scenarios are still fun to play through as Game Munchers wants to prove with Monster Outbreak. As the title explains, monsters have broken out and are tearing across the land and whatever gets in their way including you. This means you’ll need to put up some defenses to deal with them. You are making a stand against the horde of monsters by braving the wilds and collecting the resources to build defenses for your base and gear for yourself. If those monsters want to take a bite out of you, make them work for it.

Monster Outbreak will release for PC and Switch on October 3.


There’s something wonderfully simple about shooter games where you’re able to fire shots in every direction. It’s even better the more weapons you get your hands on so you get to fill up the screen with even more colorful projectiles. This opportunity presents itself in the upcoming Bibots by Square Squid. Welcome to a future world where you play an extraterrestrial explorer controlling a robot. With all this on your side, you have the perfect foundation to build up a great warrior in order to dive deep into the ruins and the secrets of this world. It’ll be an ordeal and you’ll likely die a bunch, but that will only make you stronger and motivate you to get even further.

Bibots will release for PC on October 5.

Coral Island

Many people dream of being able to drop everything and go live on an island somewhere. If only it were that simple and if arriving on the island didn’t also require a lot of work if you’re hoping to live comfortably. You’ll get a taste of this comfort in the potential paradise presented by Stairway Games, Coral Island. The game will put you in the role of a new kind of farmer who arrives on the mysterious Coral Island which is environmentally diverse and surprisingly populated. Take your time to explore your new home, set up a farm with all sorts of strange new crops, and get to know your neighbors. There’s no rush and therefore no pressure in what creates a nice feeling of chill island life.

Coral Island will release for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on October 11.


Time travel is one of the trickiest things to apply to any kind of format, but it can entertaining when used in a gimmicky way. That’s what Autoexec Games is trying to do with their newest title Timemelters. There are times when time travel mechanics have been used to make combat and battles more interesting. In this game, you’ll need to control time in order to master a different kind of strategy. Whether you’re alone or in a team, the world is falling apart and you need to fix it by killing the giant things that seem to be causing all the trouble. In addition to weapons and powerful magic, your best asset is your ability to go back in time so that you can fight alongside your past self. Just another game that wants to give you an option to play with yourself.

Timemelters will release for PC on October 12.

Sunday Gold

It’s always worth it to see how the other half lives on the wrong side of the law which is why criminal games are so popular. Even though there are a number of big-name crime games, others try to be more subtle. This is the case with the upcoming Sunday Gold by BKOM Studios. Once again is the future and everything sucks because there’s no such thing as a positive dystopia. One corporation has grown so powerful that it exerts control over the world and that’s just not right. Thankfully, a small but eclectic group of criminals team up in order to take them down. This will require stealth, strategy, and clicking on lots of things.

Sunday Gold will release for PC on October 13.


Long gone are the days when the local alchemist could be found in a hut on a hill brewing who knows what in a cauldron. However, what if the potion market had exploded somehow? Well, you can explore that line of thinking with Potionomics by Voracious Games. As a young go-getter in a fantasy world, you’ve luckily inherited a potion shop. Although it’s not in the best shape, you’ve got a mind for business and marketing to take this shop to the next level. Of course, that means you’ll have to spend a lot of time experimenting with potions, learning what people want, getting the right ingredients, and making bank.

Potionomics will release for PC on October 17.

Nitro Kid

It doesn’t seem that the world will ever be able to escape the nostalgia of the 1980s until probably the 2080s. Still, it’s fun to play with them while it’s still on the table, especially with all the neon flair and fashion to try out. Another trend that was surprisingly big back then was kung fu as seen in the upcoming Nitro Kid. Wildboy Studios puts you in the role of a kid, possibly influenced by nitro and definitely influenced by kung-fu. By using all the moves he knows, you can build a deck of attacks to create the best combos needed to take on the opponents in your path. All of this activity keeps you excited while listening to an exclusive synth-wave soundtrack.

Nitro Kid will release for PC on October 18.


Some things are just creepy for the sake of being creepy, yet that won’t stop us from wanting to poke it with a stick. That being said, almost everything in Ebb Software’s Scorn is just asking to be poked with all of the sticks you can find. Unfortunately, there are no sticks in it, but there are ways to interact with the living world you’ll find yourself in. Taken straight out of the daydreams of H. R. Geiger, all aspects of the game look and feel like they’re made out of some sort of body part. That means that anything you do to it can change how it reacts to your presence all the while you’re trying to figure out who you are and why you’re here.

Scorn will release for PC, and Xbox on October 21.

Written by Andrew Smith