Best Redfall Settings for Xbox Series S and X

Best Redfall Settings for Xbox Series S and X
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Redfall plays and looks abysmal on console, especially on the Xbox Series S. Developer Arkane Studios recently launched a Day One patch for the game, but honestly, there are not a lot of changes.

You’ll need to mess around with the in-game settings to make Redfall look, feel and play a whole lot better. So, here are the best Redfall Settings for Xbox Series S and X.

Best Redfall Settings on Xbox

Realistically speaking, there aren’t a lot of settings you can play around and tinker with, but we insist you change these specific settings to improve your gameplay experience.

After you load up the game, press the start button on your controller. Then, navigate to settings and select the gameplay option.

Turn off Camera and Shake

The camera shake is pretty bad in Redfall. Especially when firing shotguns, the camera loves to wobble around, which can get pretty annoying. Turn it off for a better Redfall experience on Xbox.

Turn off Vibration

In controller settings, turn off the vibration. The Xbox has decent vibration. Don’t get me wrong. However, it’s not ground-breaking like the PlayStation 5’s Dual Sense or HD Rumble.

But after playing Redfall extensively, the vibration can get pretty tedious as your hands tingle from all the feedback.

Turn Up Field of View

Head into Video Settings and turn up the FOV to 120. If Redfall did one thing right, it was adding a FOV slider in the game that you can crack up to 120.

A wide field of view is particularly beneficial for seeing what’s happening in your periphery, especially when vampires are everywhere.

Turn Off Motion Blur

In Video Settings, Turn Off Motion Blur. It’s hard to wrap your head around the need for motion blur in an FPS shooter. You don’t need motion blur. It significantly hinders gameplay, specifically when trying to keep enemies in view while moving around.


That’s pretty much it for the best Redfall Settings for the Xbox Series S and X. Hopefully, gameplay will be much more enjoyable now that all those unnecessary gimmicks are out of the way.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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