Best Redfall Steam Deck Settings for High FPS

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Redfall is Stream Deck Verified, but it will take some fiddling around to get it properly up and running on the Steam Deck. One misstep, and it’s going to be a stuttery mess. You can enjoy the game at 30-40 FPS at best, with decent battery timing. So, let’s get into the Steam Deck Settings for Redfall.

Here are the best Steam Deck Settings for Redfall:

First, set the resolution to 980×600. Set overall quality to low. Ensure the FPS limiter is set to 60FPS, and the refresh rate is set to 60Hz. Enable AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 and set it to Quality. Finally, set the TDP to 12W. You’ll now enjoy Redfall at 30-40FPS.

How Does Redfall Run On The Steam Deck?

Steam Deck Redfall Performance
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Redfall is playable on the Steam Deck. Arkane Studios managed to Deck Verify their newest title, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. With the right settings, the game runs at a decent 40 FPS, but mess up the settings here and there, and it will be an absolute stutter fest.

This will be prevalent, especially when loads of objects show up on the screen or when you explore new areas. As a result, the game will sometimes dip into the low 20s and jump back up to 30-40 FPS.

One thing we need to emphasize here is that you need to set the frame rate limit to 60FPS. Otherwise, stuttering is going to happen. Even with the frame limiter off, the game gets pretty stuttery with a steep input latency issue. So, you’re better off setting the frame rate limit to 60.

Alternatively, you can play Redfall via XCloud. It runs pretty smoothly at a solid 30FPS with no stuttering or tearing issues. But you need to ensure a stable internet connection with Wifi Power Saving Mode set to off. To do this, first, enable developer settings.

Best Steam Deck Redfall Settings

Steam Deck Redfall Settings
Image Credit: Steam Deck Gaming YouTube
Steam Deck Settings Value
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Allow Tearing Yes
Half Rate Shading No
Framerate Limit 60FPS

Redfall Steam Deck In-Game Settings

Steam Deck Redfall In Game Settings
Image Credit: Steam Deck Gaming YouTube

We recommend setting everything to low to get the most juice out of your Steam Deck while playing Redfall. Unfortunately, albeit the Deck Verified tag, it just seems to suffer from optimization issues, considering it’s pretty early into its life cycle.

In-Game Settings Value
Window Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 980×600
VSync Off
Field of View 90
Motion Blur Scale  Off
Overall Quality Low
Upscaling AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1
Sharpening 0.2
Upscaling Quality Quality


That pretty much wraps up the best Steam Deck Settings for Redfall. You can play it at a solid 30-40FPS with a few dips here and there. Mind you, the frame rate limiter and refresh rate need to be set to 60 to mitigate any stuttering issues.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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