8 Best Shooting / FPS Games in Roblox: RANKED

BIG Paintball!

Roblox is home to some of the most exciting and engaging shooter games. The platform offers a diverse range of shooter games, from thrilling battles with zombies to heart-pumping team-based skirmishes.

This list will review eight of the best Roblox shooter and FPS games and rank them according to popularity, graphics, game mechanics, and features. Let’s get started!

8. Prison Life

Prison Life
Publisher: Roblox

Prison Life is a fun large-scale prison break. You can be part of three teams: the prisoners, the guards, or the criminals. Your aim as a prisoner is to break out of prison. The guards’ job is to prevent the prisoners from breaking out, and once out, the prisoners become criminals who help the prisoners escape from outside. 

Yeah, we know it’s already a fantastic game, but there’s more. For example, you get to play on a very detailed map with prisoner spawn points and guard spawn points, the prison where the majority of the action takes place, and buildings, houses, etc., for criminals on the loose to hide in. 

The gameplay can get intense, and whatever weapon is on the ground is up for grabs. Prison life accurately captures a prison riot escape, and the whole team dynamic makes the entire experience so much better. If you’re trying to get into the Roblox shooter genre, you should definitely try this one out.

7. Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising
Publisher: Roblox

Zombie Uprising is one of the best zombie survival games on Roblox. The idea is simple, survive as long as possible as the difficulty increases.

The game is built around being strategic with your choices. Use your brain to save yourselves before the zombies use it as dinner(if you have one). Kill zombies and collect coins to upgrade your weapons. Find perks available all across the map to get speed boosts, health boosts, and much more. You can even buy sentries around the map to help demolish the zombie hordes. Oh, and don’t be cheap, you’ll need them.

You get to choose from three difficulty levels, and the map changes every few rounds to keep you engaged and the game challenging. Overall, Zombie Uprising is a well-made survival game and deserves a spot on our list.

6. Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5
Publisher: Roblox

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 is a remarkable entry in the world of Roblox shooting games, offering players a chance to take part in military-style operations against enemies. Developed by the skilled team at Playsaurus, the game features many unique features that distinguish it from the rest.

Like a real tactical operation, Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 emphasizes cooperation. Players must work together to complete missions, taking on various roles such as gunner, pilot, and medic. This collaborative gameplay guarantees that every mission is challenging and completely immersive.

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 allows you to travel across the map in different military vehicles and carry out our operations, giving you a huge variety of weapons to choose from and creating your loadout. 

5. Polybattle

Publisher: Roblox

Coming in fifth on our list of the best shooting games in Roblox, this award-winning gem deserves the number five spot on our list of the top eight shooting games. Developed by Polyhex, Polybattle is a polished and well-designed game with a unique blocky art style that sets it apart from the competition.

Polybattle throws a ton of heavy-duty armored vehicles in the mix with its different game modes to keep things interesting. It recreates the battlefield with tanks, humvees, and even helicopters. 

The developers still dish out updates and bug fixes, so it’s tough to get bored when you have loads of maps to play on and tons of customizations for your weapons. The fast and smooth gameplay makes it a winner.

4. Arsenal

Publisher: Roblox

Arsenal is the Roblox version of Call of Duty’s Gun Game mode or Counter-Strikes Arms Race mode. It was released in 2015 and later revamped in 2018, after which it climbed the ranks fast. Arsenal even won the Game of the Year award in the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, each kill in Arsenal changes your loadout, so you don’t really know what gun you will be playing with next. It could be a pistol. It could be a bazooka or even a spell book. The uncertainty is addictive, and the thrill you get from exchanges you never thought you would win will have you jumping in your seat. 

Arsenal is a blast to play, especially with friends, and it brings out your creativity. You may find out that you’re the best sniper ever to exist or the stealthiest knife god.

3. BIG Paintball!

BIG Paintball!
Publisher: Roblox

This unique paintball shooter game provides an immersive experience that will surely leave you captivated.

One of the BIG! Paintball’s most appealing features are its noteworthy visuals, providing a bright, colorful aesthetic that sets it apart from other games. This one is truly for triggermen of all ages and offers a lighthearted and fun experience for everyone.

Even all the guns in the game are flashy and funny looking, which is a good break from the usual dull and metallic element of first-person shooter games. In addition, the game offers a range of modes and special kill streaks to reward you for all the enemy paint you spill. 

Don’t let the colors fool you, though. It may look harmless, but you never know when your enemies might call in a nuke or when you might walk into the line of sight of an enemy sentry.

2. Bad Business

Bad Business
Publisher: Roblox

Developed by Rudimentality, Bad Business has had no problem climbing the ladder to the number two spot on our list since its release in 2019. Bad Business pulls you into a fast-paced, action-packed world filled with guns, explosions, and tactical gameplay. 

The game lets you customize each of the countless guns available, from snipers to shotguns and assault rifles. Admire the cute cat stickers and small trinkets as you deliver death sentences to your enemies. And while you’re at it, you can also emote and dance over their virtual body to deliver an unrecoverable emotional blow.

Bad Business’s movement system and map go hand in hand. The movement is smooth as butter, allowing you to dodge and weave like a pro, while the cleverly designed maps allow for some intense firefights in tight spaces, exactly what you’d expect from one of the best shooters.

1. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces
Publisher: Roblox

Phantom Forces has reached the top of our list with its mind-blowing graphics, detailed game mechanics, and a huge variety of in-game options. You can play as either of the two teams, Phantoms and Ghosts, in different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Flare Domination, King of the Hill, and much more. 

The amount of effort StyLiS Studios put into the game is truly applaudable. From usual mechanics such as bullet drop and wallbang damage depending on your weapon to rarely found mechanics such as an extra bullet after a reload on the last bullet, Phantom Forces also boasts an impressive arsenal of weapons, including assault rifles, snipers, and even rocket launchers, making for an incredibly diverse and exciting gameplay experience. 

And to round it all up, the developers even added hundreds of skins and seamless animations in the visuals department of the game. As a result, phantom Forces is one of the most well-balanced first-person shooter games on Roblox.


This concludes our list of the best Roblox shooting / FPS games. Each game offers unique features, excellent graphics, and intuitive gameplay that distinguish them from the rest. So, if you’re looking to explore the world of Roblox shooter games, check out our list’s titles. You won’t be disappointed!

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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