10 of the Best Stories in a Video Game

10 of the Best Stories in a Video Game
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A good story can help elevate a video game. Sometimes, the strongest stories can do a game’s heavy lifting. Whether it’s making up for subpar gameplay or being more of a visual novel, an excellent narrative helps make video games memorable. 

After a Redditor asked for the best stories in a video game, we compiled ten top responses. 


The tale of the underwater city of rapture still captivates many to this day.

BioShock’s story of a free-thinkers utopia gone wrong does well to parallel failed real-life ideologies. Add shocking twists and turns, and you have one of the best stories in a video game. 

Disco Elysium 

The innovative RPG Disco Elysium is best known for its incredible story. 

A unique aspect of the game is the lack of traditional combat. Instead, you progress with character trait checks and dialogue options. 


The indie gaming hit from Supergiant Games boasts more than addicting gameplay.

Hades uses a combination of clever writing and excellent character development to keep fans engaged in the story. 

Silent Hill 2

One of the best PlayStation 2 games is also one of the best games of all time.

Silent Hill 2 is best known for its haunting atmosphere, eerie setting, and unforgettable story. With a remake on the way, many are excited to see a modern take on the game. 

To The Moon

One of the lesser-known games on the list, To The Moo, has a story that’s too good to go unnoticed. 

The story-driven game focuses more on examining the life of its protagonist. Thanks to its narrative focus, it delivers an emotional gut punch you will never forget. 

Deus Ex

While subsequent Deus Ex games had a story and gameplay that felt too mainstream Hollywood, the original still stands the test of time. 

One of the key points of Deus Ex’s story is how every choice, even those that seem the most inconsequential, affects the rest of the game. 

Knights of the Old Republic

For some, Knights of the Old Republic is the best Star Wars story ever told. 

BioWare’s epic RPG remains a pinnacle of game design and storytelling. Hopefully, the planned remake gets to see the light of day and do well to honor the original game. 

Mass Effect

Aside from the ending, Mass Effect may be the best story BioWare ever told. 

Character development, consequential dialogue choices, and a compelling sci-fi epic all come together extradionarly well across two and a half games in the Mass Effect trilogy. In addition, some post-launch DLC for Mass Effect 3 did well to help alleviate the issues and concerns regarding the ending. 

Grim Fandango

The adventure game from Tim Schafer stars Manny Calavera, a travel agent in the afterlife. 

Don’t let Grim Fandango’s film noir aesthetic fool you. While it’s heavily inspired by films like Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, the story is hilarious. 

Outer Wilds

The less said about Outer Wilds, the better; it’s a game that is best experienced unspoiled. 

“Such a masterpiece,” says one Redditor. “Sadly it is a one time experience, but such a beautiful experience. In case you never heard of it just please do yourself a favor and google nothing. Everything is a spoiler. Even Steam description has a minor spoiler which when I played did not know about and it blew my mind.”

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