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Best Switch Games of 2022 – How Long To Beat Them

Best Switch Games of 2022 - How Long to Beat Them

It was a good year to be a Nintendo Switch owner. We’re recapping the year by reviewing the best Switch games of 2022. We’ll be using each game’s Metascore to list the top ten.

In addition, we’ll detail how long it takes to beat each game. Specifically, we’ll cover the time to finish the main story. Additionally, we’ll discuss the investment needed to 100% the game. 

Portal Companion Collection Is the Best Switch Game of 2022 According to Metacritic

Portal Companion Collection Is The Best Switch Game of 2022 According To Metacritic
Photo Credit: Valve

With a Metascore of 96, the Portal Companion Collection is the best reviewed Switch game of 2022. It brings the acclaimed Portal franchise to the Nintendo Switch for the first time. 

Portal Originally debuted in 2007’s The Orange Box. The original and sequel are first-person puzzle games that combine clever puzzle solving with witty and humourous writing. 

It will take around 9 hours to beat the main campaigns of Portal and Portal 2. If you’re looking to fully complete everything the game can offer, expect to spend 20 hours with one of the best Switch games of 2022. 

Persona 5 Royal Is an All-time Classic

the cast of persona 5
Photo Credit: Atlus

The popular JRPG franchise finally makes its way to a Nintendo platform. Persona 5 Royal is the definitive version of one of the best games of all time. 

For those looking to sink their teeth into something, look no further. You’ll spend just over 100 hours beating the main game. It’ll take an extra 40 hours to 100% Persona 5 Royal. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Is Nintendo’s Best Switch Game of 2022

The cast of Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Photo Credit: Nintendo

We go from one successful JRPG to another. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest entry in the Switch exclusive series. It was developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. 

Like Persona, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 isn’t for those short on time. The main story takes only 60ish hours to finish. For those wanting to fully complete everything, though, buckle up. You’re going to spend over 168 hours with the game. 

NieR Automata – The End of YoRHa Edition Is Finally on Switch

NieR Automata - The End of YoRHa Edition Is Finally on Switch
Photo Credit: Square Enix

The successful action RPG from Platinum Games is finally on Nintendo Switch. NieR is acclaimed for its insane style, presentation, and over-the-top action. NieR is a cult classic for a reason: it’s one of the best games from the past console generation. This is a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch library. 

It will take just over 20 hours to beat the main story of NieR Automata. If you’re wanting to 100% complete the game, though, you’ll need at least 60 hours. 

Atari 50 – The Anniversary Celebration Is a Trip Down Video Game History

Atari 50 - The Anniversary Celebration Is A Trip Down Video Game History
Photo Credit: Atari

More than just a collection of Atari games, Atari 50 is a museum of video game history. As you can expect from a collection like this, only some titles will be a home run. However, there are still plenty of enjoyable games fans can reexperience.

The real value is how Atari 50 honors the company’s past. Fans of video game history will not want to miss out. 

Since this game is a collection of older titles, it’s hard to dictate how long it’ll take for you to “beat” every game. 

Neon White Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Neon White Is A Breath of Fresh Air
Photo Credit: Annapurna Interactive

One of the best Switch games of 2022, Neon White, is a beautiful breath of fresh air. Everything works extraordinarily well together, particularly the level design and the gameplay loop. This is the type of game you may need to give a second look. Once you dive into it, you won’t want to stop. 

It will take roughly 11 hours to beat Neon White’s story. A completionist playthrough will last 22 hours.

Tunic Is a Charming Adventure You Won’t Soon Forget

Tunic Is A Charming Adventure You Won't Soon Forget
Photo Credit:

Tunic is one of our favorite games of the year. It combines the magic of Zelda titles with the difficulty of Dark Souls. It’s a game about wonder, adventure, and exploration. It uses nostalgia as a way to capture our hearts.

Our review said that the game’s “gorgeous visuals, moving soundtrack, and charming environments lure you into a world of mystery and wonder.”

Tunic will take you just under 12 hours to beat. However, if you want to 100% the game, expect to invest an additional 11-plus hours. 

Cuphead in the Delicious Last Course Is One of the Best Switch Games of 2022

Cuphead in the Delicious Last Course Is One of the Best Switch Games of 2022
Photo Credit: Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.

The long awaited Cuphead DLC is one of the best reviewed Switch games of 2022. 

Delicious Last Course gives you more Cuphead. New bosses, stages, and power-ups await. The same challenging gameplay you know and love is here and better than ever. 

It will take players only a short time to complete the Cuphead DLC. Beating the main story takes roughly three and a half hours. If you want to see everything available, it’ll take you nine hours. 

Sentinels: Aegis Rim Is a Masterful Port

Sentinels: Aegis Rim Is A Masterful Port
Photo Credit: Atlus

After debuting in 2019 in Japan for PlayStation 4, Sentinels: Aegis Rim was released on Nintendo Switch this year. 

The game combines elements of adventure games, narrative-driven experiences, and real-time strategy. Its port to Nintendo Switch is superb; nothing is lost in terms of graphical quality, and the presentation is still top-notch. 

For those looking to complete the main story of Sentinels: Aegis Rim, make sure you put aside 30 hours. You’ll need at least an additional ten hours to 100% complete the game. 

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Is One of the Best Reviewed Switch Games of 2022

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Is the Shortest Xbox Game of 2022
Photo Credit: Crows Crows Crows

We end our list of the best Switch games of 2022 with another re-release. The Stanley Parable debuted in 2013. Ultra Deluxe adds more content and improved graphics to the narrative-driven game. 

The Stanley Parable is on the shorter side. You’ll need to put aside two hours to beat the game’s story. If you want to 100% the game, set aside a total of nine hours.


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