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Best Tanks Headed Into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Updated for Patch 10.0.7

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Are you looking for the best tanks in Dragonflight? We’ve got you covered.

The latest patch for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is out, which has allowed many players a chance to try new classes that they may not have tried before, as well as classes that they may have found that they are comfortable with them. Not only this, but some of these classes have received a lot of new talents and changes to their build.

These changes have allowed for improvements to self-sustain, damage mitigation, and how much they can pull in group content. 

This list will discuss the latest update for Dragonflight and the best tanks for Dragonflight. 

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S Tier – Protection Warrior

A lot is going for Protection Warriors for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. They are stronger than ever in this expansion based on their mobility, number of defenses, and damage. 

They have it all going for them. While they don’t feel hugely different from their playstyle in Shadowlands, they are performing better. Protection Warriors are enjoying a lot more leech with passives such as Leeching Strikes and the One-Handed Weapon Specialization.

Protection Warriors have a significant amount of self-healing tools now. They can negate a lot of damage with abilities such as Champion’s Bulwark and Shield Charge, which can be used together. Impending Victory and Indomitable will be great for those who want to dabble in self-healing tools and feel the power and brutality of Protection Warrior.

Prot Warrior is also a very safe choice for those just learning how to tank and can be suitable for those who want to play a solid but safe option going into the new patch. They are easy to learn and very forgiving to play while being very easy to perform well.

S Tier- Protection Paladin

Protection Paladins are still one of the strongest tank choices you can play. Patch 10.0.7 has a lot of additional utility now, as well as increased damage. However, Protection Paladins need to work their rotation now so that they can plan accordingly for their downtime as Avenger’s Shield no longer generates Holy Power, meaning that while Protection Paladin does have a vast resource pool and can hold their own sufficiently, they need to be able to generate Holy Power sufficiently with other means. Judgment and Hammer of Wrath will come in handy for situations like this. 

There are now many Protection Paladin options for damage mitigations, such as Ardent Defender, Sentinel, and Moment of Glory. Not only this, but there are a few great passives that you can talent into for optimized mitigated damage.

A Tier –  Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster Monk has changed positions significantly for being the best tank for Dragonflight, from being pretty low on the tier list to now being at A tier. They are very high in damage, and their self-sustainability has improved, allowing them to endure more hits in battle. However, they are still let down by their lack of resistance against magic damage. 

There are a lot of buttons to remember for the rotation, but if you can nail them, you can become a powerful and reliable tank as Brewmaster. Mystic Touch is a beneficial ability, especially if you are going physical damage on your tank. They also have some excellent crowd control, with Ring of Peace and Leg Sweep.

This doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of what Brewmaster Monk has to offer, and they are a unique class with plenty of options to discover in self-efficacy, damage, and endurance. So if you are considering trying a new tank, give them a go!

A Tier – Blood Death Knight

Blood Death Knight hasn’t changed much at all, much to the relief of players. They still rely on runes, self-healing, and shadow damage. They were incredibly powerful going into Dragonflight but had some important playstyle changes. Going into patch 10.0.7, they didn’t receive any changes, leaving them at a strong A tier. This is because they have reliable damage and a lot of defensive capability.

For example, Coagulopathy and Icy Talons will now be very important runic power usages in the future, and now there will equally be a focus on Death and Decay. 

B Tier – Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunter has fallen quite a bit from where it started at the beginning of Dragonflight. At first, it was at the top of the charts, but it has fallen a couple of places to B tier. While there were no huge changes during the patch of 10.0.7, they did get a slight nerf to Fodder of the Flame. While they are amazing in low-level Mythic+, they struggle in the higher-level content, as the more damage there is being output by enemies, the harder it is for them to keep up.

They are significantly more sustainable since Shadowlands with abilities like Demon Spikes, Metamorphosis, and passives like Thick Skin, Demonic and Demonic Wards. Vengeance Demon Hunters also have great utility in group content because of their mass AoE stun Chaos Nova and their Purge ability. 

The best thing about a DH tank is their mobility, as they have some of the best mobility in the game with their double jumps and abilities like Infernal Strike and Vengeful Retreat. Overall, they aren’t terrible as they have a great amount of leech too, but they do struggle at the top tiers.

C Tier – Guardian Druid

Guardian Druids are not a fantastic choice at the moment, as they are a bit up and down on the board. While they have strengths in all the core areas, such as utility, mobility, and damage mitigation, they also have weaknesses. Guardian Druids rely heavily on building their Rage and using mitigations such as Ironfur or Frenzied Regeneration to get through sticky situations. Compared to most tanks, they can also do larger pulls than others, which can be quite daunting.

They equally have a significant amount of crowd control available to them, as well as a party-wide buff they can use that was added in Dragonflight. To aid the party, they have abilities such as Cyclone, Soothe, Stampeding Roar, and Innervate, just to name a few. There are plenty more available, depending on what you have talented into.

Guardian Druids also have a  lot of defensives available, with Ironfur, Barkskin, and Thick Hide available to them. They are naturally one of the bulkier tanks, and Bear Form aids significantly to their damage reduction.

Overall, the tanks are looking great in patch 10.0.7, with a lot of wiggle room and potential for them in group content. They have a lot of potential to both be buffed and nerfed, but hopefully we will see Guardian Druid move up the tier list a little in the future.

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