Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4

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Vampiric Powers are new to Diablo 4 and a part of Season 2. They come with some new and exciting powers to play with. Some of these powers are better than others, so if you want to know which ones you should choose, keep reading.

Some of these powers are situational and are best suited to specific builds. That being said, there is a consensus about the powers that some come out on top. 

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Stunned Enemies in Diablo 4 Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4
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S Tier – Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is incredibly strong and works out for most builds. When you evade, you become a cloud of bats and become Unstoppable for 4 seconds. This can get you out of plenty of sticky situations and can be a real lifesaver. Also, enemies in your path get struck with a Vampiric Curse and take physical damage. 

S Tier – Prey on the Weak

This Vampiric Power is great for most builds, as it allows you to deal increased damage to vulnerable enemies. If your build revolves around Vulnerable, this is the perfect Vampiric Power for you. Not only this, but they are then inflicted with a Vampiric Curse, which amplifies your other Vampiric Powers. It has a lot of fantastic synergies, so this power is worth investing in.

Metamorphosis and Prey on the Weak are so strong that they’re an easy inclusion to the S Tier on our list of best Vampiric Powers for Diablo 4. 

A Tier – Hemomancy

Hemomancy is a great Vampiric Power, but tanky classes with plenty of health will benefit from this power more than the squishy classes. This is because it deals 18% of your Maximum Life to an enemy. This effect happens every four seconds. You also heal back the damage 1% at a time from this happening.

Due to the nature of the power, it makes sense why tanky classes like a Druid or a Barbarian would benefit more from this sort of Vampiric Power rather than a Rogue or a Sorcerer.

A Tier – Moonrise

For those builds that rely on Attack Speed, this is the perfect Vampiric Power for you. Hitting an enemy with a Basic skill grants you 4% Attack Speed for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Once you’ve reached the maximum amount of Attack Speed, you enter a Vampiric Rage and gain 160% Basic skill damage and 15% Movement Speed for 10 seconds. 

For classes like a Rogue or even a Necromancer, this Vampiric Power will allow you to put in some work. It may even work for a Sorcerer, depending on whether your build uses a lot of Basic attacks. 

A Tier – Ravenous

Diablo 4 Fire Sorcerer Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4
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If your build revolves around Lucky Hit Chance, this is a great Vampiric Power to use. This power allows you to get a 20% chance of increasing your Attack Speed by a total of 40% of your Movement Speed for 6 seconds. 

Again, this Vampiric Power can be pretty situational, but if your build has a lot of Lucky Hit Chance, then make sure to give this one a go.

A Tier – Undying

If you cast a lot of Skills in your build, then this will be incredibly useful, as it allows you to heal from casting. Casting Skills will enable you to heal for 3% of your Maximum Life. This is doubled if you are currently below 50% life. 

These would see the most benefit in tanky classes as they will have the most Maximum Life, but this can also be beneficial in a squishy class as they are usually hefty Spell casters.

A Tier – Flowing Veins

This Power works well if you already have Vampiric Powers equipped to inflict enemies with a Vampiric Curse. This power allows you to deal 60% more Damage Over Time to an enemy that is inflicted with a Vampiric Curse or they are moving. 

Most enemies move a lot in battle, and you can also kite them to get the most out of this power. Should this interest you, it can allow for some great damage to the enemies.

A Tier – Blood Boil

When your Core Skills Overpower an enemy, spawning 3 Volatile Blood Drops. Should you collect it, it will deal 60-90 damage to enemies around you by exploding. Every 20 seconds, your next Skill is guaranteed to Overpower.

Should your build revolve around Overpower damage, such as a Necromancer, this is a great Vampiric Power to utilize. While the damage may not be much from the Volatile Blood Drops, it does allow for a higher chance of Overpower, which has the opportunity to do immense damage to an enemy.

A Tier – Anticipation

Ice Block Frost Sorcerer in Diablo 4
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If your build revolves around using your Ultimate often and skillfully, this Vampiric Power can be incredibly useful. Your Ultimate gains 20% Cooldown Reduction and deals 12% extra damage if enemies nearby are affected by your Damage Over Time effects.

A Tier – Accursed Touch

This is another Vampiric Power that revolves around Vampiric Curses. If you should use Lucky Hit Chance, you have a 44% chance to inflict enemies with a Vampiric Curse. Those enemies have a 15% chance to spread it to nearby enemies. Vampiric Curse’s Stored Souls deal 200% more damage.

For this to work, you would need to utilize it with other Lucky Hit Chance Vampiric Powers and ones that revolve around Vampiric Curses to get the most out of this power. That said, it would work very well for a build that uses Lucky Hit Chance, like a Necromancer. 

B Tier – Bathe in Blood

We kick off the B tier of our list of the best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4 with Bathe in Blood. 

While channeling a Skill, you form a pool of blood beneath you. Should you stand in the pool of blood, your channeled Skills will deal 40% increased damage. Not only that, but you gain a 30% Damage Reduction. These pools can only form every 8 seconds. 

Should you be a class that uses channeled Skills often, this is a great Vampiric Power to use, but again, it can be very situational as a lot of Skills in the game don’t require a channel.

B Tier – Domination

If your build revolves around various Crowd Control methods like Freezing, Stunning, or Immobilizing, this is a great Vampiric Power. It allows you to deal 24% more damage to those under those effects. If they are Injured and not an Elite, they are instantly killed.

For those who can utilize effects like this, such as an Ice Sorcerer, this Vampiric Power can be very broken.

Vampiric Boss in Diablo 4 Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo
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B Tier – Feed the Coven

Should you have Familiars such as Bats and Conjuration, Companion, and Minion attacks, these will all be boosted and have an up to 60% chance of restoring 10 Primary Resources to you and increasing your damage by 10% for 4 seconds. 

This Vampiric Power is very situational and won’t fit in many builds unless you are a build that uses plenty of Conjuration or Minion attacks, such as a Necromancer.

B Tier – Hectic

If you utilize your Basic skills often, this is a perfect Vampiric Power for that. This allows you to get a 2-second Cooldown Reduction on one of your active Cooldowns. This happens every five Basic Skills you cast, so it would be perfect for Sorcerers or Rogues, as they utilize a lot of Basic Skills.

B Tier – Infection

Dealing direct damage inflicts enemies with Pox. By inflicting Pox 8 times on an enemy, they expunge the infection, which deals 105 Poison Damage to them. If you get close contact with the enemies or deal a lot of hits to them, such as a Rogue, this can be a very helpful Vampiric Power to use.

B Tier – Resilience

For those that utilize losing health to do damage, this is a very particular Vampiric Power that you can benefit from. For every 2% of Life you are missing, you gain 1% Damage Reduction. This is particularly helpful in classes with lots of health, like a Barbarian or Druid, but squishier classes like a Necromancer can also utilize it. 

Fighting on the Beach in Diablo 4
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B Tier – Sanguine Brace

Sanguine Brace is very specific and requires a player who utilizes Fortify. When you kill an enemy, Fortify for 6% of your Maximum Life. While you have more Fortify than half of your Maximum Life, you can gain an 8% Critical Strike Chance. 

Overall, this isn’t the best power you can use, and you could get more utility out of some of the other Vampiric Powers available.

B Tier – Terror

When you are attacked, you have a 14% chance to Fear nearby enemies and Slow them by 80% for 2 seconds. You are guaranteed to Critically Strike enemies who are Feared. This Vampiric Power works very well on classes that are in enemies’ faces, like a Barbarian or Druid. 

C Tier – Call Familiar

We’ve hit the final tier of our list of best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4. 

Using a Mastery, Weapon Mastery, Macabre, Wrath, or Imbuement Skill will call down a Bat Familiar to attack nearby enemies. It can deal up to 120 Physical damage with a 30% chance to Stun.

This isn’t a fantastic Vampiric Power and is pretty weak overall. 

C Tier – Jagged Spikes

This Vampiric Power has a particular use and only works well if you have a high Thorns usage. Thorns have a 10% chance to deal 300% increased damage and Chill enemies for 8 seconds.

For those who don’t utilize Thorns, this Vampiric Power is entirely redundant. 

Icicles raining down on enemies in Diablo 4 Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo
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C Tier – Coven’s Fangs

This can work if you play a class with many summons, such as the Necromancer. Your Conjuration, Companion, Minion, or Bat Familiar deals 52% more damage to crowd-controlled enemies. Equally, if you have Lucky Hit Chance, these minions have a 30% chance to inflict a Vampiric Curse on the enemy.

C Tier – Rampart

If you’re a class that casts on the spot, this Vampiric Power does have some utility. After you stand still for 3 seconds, gain a Barrier for 40% of your Maximum Life. This can occur every 20 seconds. For the Sorcerers out there, this Vampiric Power would most likely suit you, depending on what kind of build you use.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Vampiric Powers in Diablo. These are subject to change as new patches come out, and we will update it should it change.


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