15 Video Game Soundtracks So Good, They Deserve Their Own Concert Tour

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One of the most significant aspects of video games is the impressive musical scores and soundtracks. Having the perfect music enhances a game or film by a million. Do you agree?

After a quick internet poll, “What’s your favorite video game soundtrack?” These are the top-voted responses.

1. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is the number-one-voted video game soundtrack of all time. One user confessed that their wife walked down the aisle to “City of Tears” on their wedding day. Many agreed that it was awesome before another shared that “Edge of the Kingdom” was an even better track. 

2. Doom

One video game fan stated, “Doom. I don’t understand why people here are saying anything other than Doom. It’s Doom.” Another added that Doom Eternal and 2016 are top-tier.

3. Minecraft

After someone nominated Minecraft for the best video game soundtrack of all time, one user joked, “Bad Bot.” Nonetheless, it wasn’t a bot and earned its spot at number three on this list.

4. Kingdom Hearts

Several people agreed that Kingdom Hearts has the best soundtrack. One noted, “So much can be said about Kingdom Hearts: its horrible cringe-laden dialogues, unnecessarily confusing story, and so on. But its soundtrack is by far the best it has.” Another nominated, “Lazy Afternoons,” from Kingdom Hearts 2.

5. Zelda

The entire Zelda franchise has produced several incredible video game soundtracks, and users couldn’t decide on just one. However, someone admitted that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’s anniversary soundtrack held a special place in their hearts.

Many agreed that the soundtracks to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. One admitted, “I’d pay top dollar to see Hyrule Symphony live.”

6. Undertale

Someone suggested that the Undertale video game soundtrack by Toby Fox was the greatest ever. Another added, “My favorite song is ‘Long Elevator’ from Undertale OST.”

7. Hades

Several people agreed that Hades is the best. One noted Hades is, but all the Supergiant Games soundtracks are amazing!” Another confessed to having Transistor on vinyl before a third stated, “Bastion OST is so amazing.”

8. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

It was the consensus for many that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was nothing but “bangers.” However, another argued, “When I think videogame soundtracks, I think original composition. Don’t get me wrong, Tony Hawk’s soundtrack is killer but isn’t original.”

9. Halo

Someone suggested, “The marriage between classical orchestral music, military beats, African drums, and futuristic-sounding synths and bass is just excellent. Of course, everyone recognizes that iconic Gregorian chant too. People who have never touched a Halo game know the music.”

10. Skyrim

Coming in at number ten on this list is Skyrim. Several users agreed that it deserved a higher position on the list. Another added, “The soundtrack to Oblivion is good too!” Oblivion is another from Bethesda Game Studios.

11. Nier Automata

Someone confessed they loved the instrumentals and listened to the Nier Automata soundtrack on repeat while drawing. “Amusement Park Area” music and “Weight of the World” are incredible.

12. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar Games –  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was revered by many as the best video game soundtrack ever created. Someone asked, “WHY did I have to scroll so far to find this obvious winner?”

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13. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X. “Uematsu’s music always enhances the games. Final Fantasy X was his best. “To Zanarkand” and “Someday the Dream Will End” are beautiful,” one stated. Another admitted “To Zanarkand” makes them cry if they hear it in the right mood.

14. Final Fantasy VII

Someone confessed, “Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite game soundtracks. Twenty-some years later, that music still brings me back.” Several others agreed with the sentiment. Another added that the music “gets those emotions welling.”

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15. The Last of Us

Finally, the action-adventure survival horror game The Last of Us comes in at the number fifteen spot on this list. Many agreed that they scrolled way too far to find this, and it deserved a higher ranking. 

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is Assassin’s Creed II supposed to be on this list? Ha, ha. But seriously, what’s your favorite? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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