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Biomutant Armored Hulk | How to Beat Armored Big Guys

Biomutant Armored Hulk

Biomutant does not exactly have the world’s largest variety of enemies, but there are plenty of furry creatures to slay during your righteous – or brutal – quest. However, even amongst the animal enemies, there is one enemy type that sticks out. The Armored Hulk, and his smaller friend, can be some of the most annoying enemies in Biomutant. So, it might be a good idea to prepare for them to arrive, and be equipped for a fight when you see them!

How to Beat Armored Hulks in Biomutant

Biomutant Armored Hulk

The Armored Hulk, and armored enemies, can only be defeated by magic and melee attacks. They are completely immune to ranged attacks! Because of this, even if you are a ranged-focused build, it’s a good idea to build a melee weapon with strong Armor Pierce qualities. Then, it’s important to watch the tells that the enemy shows before overwhelming them with melee attacks.

Because the Armored Hulk and small Armored enemies are immune to ranged attacks, you cannot rely on your firearms to be enough in any given fight. It’s important that you create or find a melee weapon that’s strong enough to handle enemies at your level.

The armored big guy has the same moveset as a standard big guy, with a key difference; you can’t gun him down during the fight. So, you should consider removing the other enemies from the fight first. To do this, you should use ranged attacks or Super Wung-Fu to fight them in relative safety. Then, once all of the little guys are taken out, you can focus your attention on the big guy.

Watch the swings of the Armored Hulks mace; you’re going to want to either dodge or parry at the correct times. If he swings with his non-weapon hand, then that means he’s probably going to grab you, which you cannot parry. You should probably just dodge all of his attacks, especially if you have trouble reacting to which hand attacks.

If you have a good Armor Pierce weapon, then these guys shouldn’t have too much health compared to basic enemies. Just follow the pattern until he falls over!

Written by Andrew Smith