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Biomutant Automaton 4C Quest | Where to Find the Bricktown Tracks

Biomutant Automaton 4C

As you explore the world of Biomutant, you’re going to come across old world messaging boards. Rather than pieces of lore or old history about the game, these are quests to help Automaton tell you about stuff… including a particularly popular walking monster. If you want to complete the questline, you’ll need to find a set of tracks after you investigate the noticeboard. Learn where to find Bricktown’s Automaton 4C mission objective here!

Automaton 4C Quest | Bricktown Tracks Location

Biomutant Automaton 4C

To complete the Automaton 4C quest in Biomutant, simply head to the center of town, above the “R” on the Bricktown map. Once there, a cutscene will play where the Automaton praises you for finding the tracks. Then, after the cutscene, the quest is complete; you don’t have to follow the tracks or anything!

The Automaton quests are all super mysterious, because they are all based on the Old World. It seems that your little friend might have a little bit more information under its metallic sleeves than it’s letting you know about… But, who knows. It seems happy that you’re doing its quest for it, and you’re its best friend, so that should probably be enough for you!

The Automaton quests are also integral for the Noticeboard sidequest since they are naturally linked together. If your goal is to 100% the game, then you should get used to finding a Noticeboard, and then finding tracks that relate to that noticeboard.

Biomutant is a 3rd-Person combat-heavy action RPG with a ton of quests and things to do in its massive open world! Whether you’re helping a mechanical cricket or taking down the apocalypse with your own bare hands, you’ll always feel like a hero in this new world. With a ton of different classes, breeds, and playstyles, there’s even a ton of replayability! So, explore the world as your own tiny, furry friend, and make sure that the Tree of Life doesn’t fall… Or perhaps, you might want it to fall. The choice is yours!

Written by Andrew Smith