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Biomutant Automaton 4D Quest | Where to Find Subnautica Station Tracks

Biomutant Automaton 4D

As you explore the destroyed planet of Biomutant, there are still signs of the old world. From little gadgets to entire buildings, you can’t escape the fallout of the previous world. One of the smaller events concerning the old world are old notice boards, little posts that your Automaton seems quite enamored with. Finding these boards can be fun to do, since they tend to be easy to grab and you’re probably going to explore a bit afterwards. So, where are the tracks for Automaton 4D?

Automaton 4D Quest | Subnautica Station Tracks Location

Biomutant Automaton 4D

In order to complete the Automaton 4D quest and find the Subnautica Station Tracks, you must first find the old notice board just outside of Subnautica Station. It’s right next to the water-based entrance into the old facility; you can’t grab it if you came in from above. Once you have this, simply head inside the station and head towards the northeast side of it. A cutscene should play saying that you’ve found the tracks, and small, circular footprints should show you that you’re about where you should be.

The Automaton quests are, unsurprisingly, built for your automaton. They are specifically to outfit your little buddy with new cosmetics so that you can change it off of it’s cricket look, should you choose. As you explore more notice boards, you’ll get new and different appearances for your little cricket friend. This quest will most likely not give you anything more than quest progress.

Completing the Automaton 4D quest will reward you with all of the possible Automaton outfits, including awesome ones like an old-fashioned wind-up toy. If you haven’t gotten an Old Notice Board before now, you should consider grabbing this one. Finding others across the world will be much easier once you’ve grabbed the first, and then you can make your little companion as charming as you’d like it to be.

Written by Andrew Smith