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Biomutant Cold Suit | How to Get

Biomutant Cold Suit

Freezing areas are not uncommon in the northern areas of Biomutant. Chilling winds and horrid fog can slow your progress, and slowly drain your health. Sometimes, your armor is not going to be enough to help you survive for a long time. Because of that, there is a Cold Suit hidden on the map for you to get. It’s not going to be easy, but you can get it fairly early on in your adventure. Learn the location of this protective gear in this quick guide!

How to Get Cold Suit in Biomutant

Biomutant Cold Suit

The Cold Suit is located in Bangshelter 10E. This is to the western side of the Tree of Life, near Bio Nucleus 10D. You can find it before you find the related Pingdish, though you may want to follow the Cold Resistance Suit questline if you’re wanting maximum experience and completion bonuses.

The Cold Resistance Suit is just like the other suits. Your head gives you 20% resistance to Cold, your torso gives you 75% resistance to Cold, and your legs give you 50% resistance to Cold. That’s massive overkill, so you can mix and match your Cold Suit with other pieces of armor to make sure you’re durable. Monsters in these areas don’t just deal Cold Damage, and the suit doesn’t have the greatest armor in the world. So, find your Cold Resistant armor and mix and match!

Because of how the game handles Hazard Zones, you don’t necessarily need the Cold Suit if you have good rolls on your armor. As long as you can get your Cold Resistance above 100% with a combination of the head, face, torso, legs, and back, you can completely ignore the suit. That might increase your potential armor and survivability by a long shot! While the Cold Suit isn’t bad at defending you, it will be a far cry from your typical armor set.

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Written by Andrew Smith