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Biomutant Fruggo Camp | Where is Fruggo’s Skillpoint Tome?

Biomutant Fruggo's Camp

Out of all of the sidequests you can do in Biomutant, the Bandit Rampages are by far the most profitable. At the low price of a tricky boss fight, you get huge experience, a Captive, Superb Loot, and a free upgrade point! Tracking down all of these scumbags are so critical for your quick upgrades! Fruggo’s Camp in the Surfipelago is one of the earliest raids you can perform in the game. So, where is it, how do you get there, and what are the rewards we’re talking about?

Where to Find Fruggo’s Camp in Biomutant

Biomutant Fruggo's Camp

Fruggo’s Camp in Biomutant is located at the northern central part of the Surfipelago. To get there, you can take the Googlide down the shore from Gulp’s boat, or you can simply ride through area 4E to get there quickly. Once there, you need to fight a Bandit encounter, which has two Big Guys and a bunch of little bandits. Defeat them to get the Skillpoint Tome and a bunch of other goodies!

Defeating bandits tend to be worth your while, and Fruggo is no different. He has a great stockpile of loot and healthkits, including Superb Loot, which guarantees you some great additional quality for your pockets.

The Captive is perfect for mages. Not only do Captives give you Psi points, but they also give you Morality. Morality points are needed to get specific Psi powers; dark powers tend to deal damage while light powers still hurt a lot, but also have some utility to make up for lower numbers.

The Skillpoint Codex is very unique. It will grant you one perk point for free with no level up required. If you were looking forwards to a two or three point upgrade, but aren’t looking forwards to leveling up… You might want to take out some of those Bandit Camps, and Fruggo’s Camp is no exception.

Written by Andrew Smith