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Biomutant Heat Suit | How to Get

Biomutant Heat Suit

As you explore the world of Biomutant, you occasionally encounter zones of extreme heat. These zones can be devastating to your poor creature, burning their body and lungs. Protection is required if you want to explore these areas for an instant. Because of that, armor designed to protect your critter can be a good investment. The Heat Suit in Biomutant is helpful for exploring areas shrouded in red fog. If you want to stay in these places for long, our guide can help you!

How to Get Heat Suit in Biomutant

Biomutant Heat Suit

To find the location of the Heat Suit, you can head to Pingdish 6K, to the northeast of the Tree of Life and right next to the Northeast root. The actual location is Bangshelter 6L, to the far Northeast of the map. Head inside of the Bangshelter and explore the short dungeon. There’s some Superb Loot in there, but also the Suit at the end of the shelter.

The Heat Suit is effective at blocking the effects of high heat. It has 20% Heat Resistance on the head, 75% Heat Resistance on the torso, and 50% Heat Resistance on the legs. That’s a total of 145%, which is a bit higher than the 100% maximum. That means you can mix and match the fire set with some other armor pieces! As long as your shoulders or face can get 5% Heat Resistance, you’ll only need the head and torso!

The suit is not needed if you can get to 100% resistance in other ways. For example, if you can get to 100% with just generic armor and mutations, then you don’t need to use the low-armor Heat Suit! So, this is better for early on, or if you don’t want to spend Mutation Points on resistance for whatever reason. Eventually, you should be able to just use the torso and your armor to be protected against heat, no matter what armor you might have!

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Written by Andrew Smith