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Biomutant Mind Monitor | Where to Find Computer in 3F Pingdish

Biomutant Pingdish 3F Mind Monitor

The Mind Monitor might sound like a horrifying device, but it’s actually a remnant of the past. Biomutant has plenty of old world gadgets for your character to be absolutely mystified by. This specific device, found in Pingdish 3F, is actually fairly easy to grab early on. That means that, in the near future, you can find even more Mind Monitors by tracking them as a side quest! That’s worth considering, especially if you plan on beating the game 100%!

Where to Find the Mind Monitor in Pingdish

Biomutant Pingdish 3F Mind Monitor

The Mind Monitor, an Old World Gadget in Pingdish 3F is found by dropping through the above wall with a massive hole in it. This is to the southwest of the Pingdish, and is hard to miss if you look around for it. Head through the wall and drop down to find the computer, which you can turn on with a simple rotation puzzle. That’ll give you the sidequest for Mind Monitors, which will be useful if you want to complete the game.

Mind Monitors are a bit different than some of the more profitable Old World Gadgets, like Fry Sparkers or Clothes Soakers. They are here just to give XP, and not grant you extraordinary loot. They are also a completionist requirement, so you’ll want to get it early if you really want to get to 100%.

Pingdish 3F is important for more than just the Mind Monitor, of course! By completing the rotation puzzle, you can find the Radiation Suit, which is really strong if you want to head into Radioactive hazards. In addition, there’s quite a bit of superb loot and gear up here, especially if you get your Klawbar to Level 2. This is just a great place to head to! If you haven’t found it yet, you can basically get there by heading east of the entrance to the Surfipelago!

Written by Andrew Smith