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Biomutant Prosthetic Limbs | How to Get

Biomutant Prosthetic Limbs

You can find more than just suits of resistance gear behind panes of glass! In Biomutantyou can unlock powerful armor and gear by doing all sorts of actions across the massive game world. One of these sets of armor is called Prosthetic Limbs. These armor pieces are found in the Deadzone, but you can’t just walk up and take them! This quick guide to this high defense Biomutant armor will teach you how to unlock this rather strong armor!

How to Get Prosthetic Limbs in Biomutant

Biomutant Prosthetic Limbs

The Prosthetic Limbs are acquired once you complete the sidequest Moog in the northern part of the Deadzone. He will contract you to take down specific monsters all across the overworld, and to bring him their dung once you take them down. Once you have hunted enough monsters for him to be satisfied, you will be able to run into his tent and grab the limbs! He will also be a candidate for an endgame quest, so that’s a nice added plus.

The Prosthetic Limbs are pure, defensive powerhouses. They come with very high armor scores compared to most torso and leg armor in the game, around 70 for each! However, that is all they give for you. They do not have any add-on slots, have no resistances, and give no health or energy. This makes them just there for the armor, which is not enough to make for a good armor set. However, they do actually replace your creature’s arms and legs with robot parts, so they at least look dope!

The limbs are great for boss fights, and good for transitioning between armor sets and needing a fill-in spot. The value of the Prosthetic Limb armor is absolutely insane, so you can take additional hits just because you were wearing them. Until you get actual add-on and stat-boosting armor sets, these will definitely keep you alive!

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Written by Andrew Smith