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Biomutant Radsuit | How to Get

Biomutant Radsuit

Biomutant has a fair share of brutal environments for your little furry friend. Every single one of these Hazard Zones can be a death sentence, and some great loot is hidden behind these walls of damage. The Radioactivity Suit, or the Radsuit, might be the key to allow you to get into these dangerous areas! This is one of five suits that can keep you from dying due to a hazard zone. So, if you want to get high resistance to an element, this is a good place to start!

How to Get the Radsuit in Biomutant

Biomutant Radsuit

The Radsuit is located at the far right of the Surfipelago. You can tell where this location is by going to Pingdish 3F and completing the Old World Gadget Satellite Puzzle to direct the energy over to the Bangshelter. Head far east in the Surfipelago until you reach an area called Bangshelter 2G.  Once you have entered into the Bangshelter, you can ease your way through a short dungeon to get the Radsuit.

This suit gives an insane amount of Radiation resistance… Too much, actually! The chest gives 70%, the pants give 50%, and the helmet gives 20%. That’s a lot of resistance! So, you can mix and match your armor and your Radsuit in order to give yourself maximum defense and Radiation resistance.

The Radsuit is found using a Pingdish, just like all of the other suits. You may need to use the Pingdish to get entry to the bangshelter, and it certainly will help point the path over there! The Pingdish will also continue the questline, which will reward you with experience.

The Radsuit is a middling armor item, so you’ll want similarly durable armor from various areas and Superb Loot drops. Plus, it’ll help you stay alive whenever you head into a Hazard Zone!

Written by Andrew Smith