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Biomutant Suburbia Raylighter | How to Turn On the Film

Biomutant Suburbia Raylighter

Old world gadgets are scattered all across the massive planet of BiomutantBecause of that, finding all of them can be a huge undertaking. The most important part of the process is locating the first of any type of old-world gadget, so you can unlock the sidequest. If you’re looking for old-world gadgets, then Suburbia has a Raylighter just for you! That being said, it can be annoying to locate. Check out our guide if you want to find your (probably) first one!

How to Turn on the Suburbia Raylighter Film in Biomutant

Biomutant Suburbia Raylighter

In order to find the Suburbia Raylighter, head to the subway station entrance in the center of the town, or the house to the northwest, near the vault. Head inside, and move downstairs to the basement. If you see a movie camera, then you’ve found the Raylighter! All you need to do now is solve the light puzzle by matching the outside lights to the inside notches, and you’ve got yourself a little home movie to watch!

The Raylighter is primarily for completionists. You don’t get any big burst of loot, nor do you get a huge amount of experience compared to the other Old World Gadgets. What you do get is progress towards quests and a neat little piece of worldbuilding as you get to watch a little video.

The Raylighter is one of many Old World Gadgets, and because of that, it shares some properties with the other ones. Most importantly, they are part of a sidequest. Finding the first of all of the types of Old World Gadgets is critical because then you can find the rest of them! Otherwise, you’d have to rely on random NPCs to tell you where the first gadget is, and… That’s a pain!

Hopefully, Suburbia can be a place where you find multiple first gadgets, and then you can start a 100% career in Biomutant… And good luck with that!

Written by Andrew Smith