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Biomutant Terra Globus | Where to Find the Suburbia Globe

Biomutant Suburbia Terra Globus

The human world may have ended, but they have left quite a few things behind! Biomutant has a really cool mechanic with its Old World Gadgets, including the Terra Globus. These globes are found all over the world of Biomutant, and Suburbia just happens to be hiding one. Whether you’re going for 100%, or just want to know where some other awesome gadgets are, check out this guide to see where it is!

Where to Find the Terra Globus in Suburbia

Biomutant Suburbia Terra Globus

The Suburbia Terra Globus is not too difficult to find, as soon as you know what house you go for. Head to the “A” in Suburbia on the map. In that house, which has been largely destroyed, check behind one of the blue plank walls. The Terra Globus will be hiding back there, and you can solve the light puzzle to unlock the quest and make some progress on it!

The Terra Globus is one of the Old World Gadgets, a series of sidequests involving the human world. Unfortunately, the Terra Globus does not give you any rare loot for completing the puzzle, unlike some of the other gadgets. The Terra Globus is just for completionists, while also rewarding a surprisingly nice amount of XP for your character. That being said, this is an absolutely optional sidequest.

While you’re getting the Suburbia Terra Globus, you ought to explore around a bit! There are a ton of different elements within the old suburbs for you to explore. It can actually take a while to fully explore, and there are a ton of gear pieces and upgrades for you to collect. That being said, there are a lot of houses to explore! Try to look for the gray interact button-through walls if you’re having any trouble finding these gadgets, as it should help you easily identify them.

Written by Andrew Smith