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Biomutant Thingamajig Merchant | Krossways 4E Merchant Location

Biomutant Krossways 4E Thingamajig Merchant

As you start to explore the map of Biomutant, you’ll probably find an area called Krossway 4E. It’s a fairly good place to stop and kill a big monster, as well as get some loot. But, there’s an annoying little issue… It says that there’s a Krossways 4E Thingamajig Merchant in the area, and that you should find it. But, that’s just not true, surely… There’s nobody nearby, and the Krossways itself is more of a road and a building. If that’s the case, where is the Thingamajig Merchant?

Where to Find the Krossways Thingamajig Merchant

Biomutant Krossways 4E Thingamajig Merchant

The Krossways 4E Thingamajig Merchant is actually the same merchant from the nearby location, Hogga Hum. That area actually has a Thingamajig Merchant, and finding them there will unlock the objective at Krossways 4E. So, head over to Hogga Hum, sell and buy whatever you need, and smile as you’ve completed an objective in a different area!

Krossways 4E and Hogga Hum are basically the exact same area. They are so close to each other, it’s somewhat surprising the whole place isn’t under the same banner! While it might be annoying that these two areas share objectives, it’s really not that big of a deal, and it never really changes much. You just have to do a tiny bit of a weird side-step to get the merchant. And who knows? This might be patched out early on, if enough people talk about it.

That being said, for right now, keep your eyes out for areas like this; where you have to check nearby areas for their objectives in case they overlap. This is a very, very rare occurrence, but it might be what’s giving you a headache while completing a specific area.

Krossways 4E also has a super cool old tech piece: A TV! Head upstairs to get that done, so you can complete the area quickly. And to get that awful static out of your head!

Written by Andrew Smith