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Biomutant Upgrade Weapons | How to Upgrade

Biomutant Upgrade Weapons

As you’re throwing together new and strong weapons in Biomutant, you might be worried about the future. You’re playing an RPG, after all, so it’s natural to think about what your next weapon will do to overcome stronger enemies. If you’re worried about that, then you shouldn’t worry any longer! Biomutant lets you upgrade weapons so that you never have to worry about getting outleveled. How do you do so, however? It’s not part of the crafting menus. Thankfully, it’s not too hard!

How to Upgrade Weapons in Biomutant

Biomutant Upgrade Weapons

In order to upgrade weapons in Biomutant, you need to find a Weapon Workbench. These benches are in major towns, typically on a blimp that flies in the sky. Head to the bench, hopefully with a bunch of raw materials, and then choose whether to upgrade the quality or material of the weapon. You will get a preview of the stats to see what your new weapon will look like, so you can choose the best upgrade for your weapon.

This is a great service if you’re built for a specific weapon, but can’t seem to find an upgrade or parts for it. If the weapon is strong, then you can build it even stronger, and out-do other weapons that you’ve just found! That will be crucial, since you can often get into a drought of specific weapon types that you’re specced for. With a Weapon Bench, you can keep up with enemies and continue to craft powerful weapon upgrades with your specific setup.

That being said, it can be expensive! Upgrading weapons to high numbers will cost you a ton of raw resources. And some of these resources are hard to find; especially Rubber! And even for the resources you have a lot of, this can break your bank. Make sure you’re super certain that you wouldn’t rather craft a new powerful weapon before you upgrade an old one!

Written by Andrew Smith