Blasphemous 2 Marks Of Martyrdom Locations

Blasphemous 2 is the second in the series, and players are tasked with exploring new lands after being displaced from the previous—this chapter begins where the previous one ended and marks the return of Patient One. Players can get access to new ways of character customization and new missions.

Marks of Martyrdom are special items in Blasphemous 2 earned through the game’s world of Cvstodia. Players can get 75 Marks of Martyrdom spread throughout the game. Here’s everything to know about Marks of Martyrdom Locations in Blasphemous 2.

How to obtain Marks of Martyrdom Locations

Blasphemous 2 has various locations in-game where players can find the Marks of Martyrdom. Players can collect all 75 items, earning their character unique benefits and advantages. Marks of Martyrdom come across as bodily symbols or sigils left behind after defeating enemies or completing various tasks.

Players can obtain these items by defeating bosses like Lesmes, Infanta, the faceless boss, and Alfdor in Blasmphemous 2. They can also defeat multiple bosses in different locations in-game, as listed below.

  • Chisel of Oblivion – Faceless boss
  • Mini-bosses of Profundo Lamento, Grilles, and Ruin regions
  • Mini-bosses of Crown of Towers, Aqueduct of Costales
  • Sacred Entombments, Mother of Mothers zones
  • Beneath Her Sacred Grounds
  • Sunken Cathedral boss
  • Labyrinth of Tides, boss
  • Severed Tower boss
  • Two Moons, Crimson Rains zone challenges
  • Sculptor tool trade locations
  • Sunken Cathedral traveling merchant
  • Shops in regions
  • Lesmes and Infanta bosses
  • Radames boss
  • Afilaor boss
  • Benedicta boss
  • Odon boss
  • Sinodo boss
  • Svsona boss (Ravine of High Stones region)
  • Evitorna boss (City of the Blessed Name region)

Marks of Martyrdom Collection Bonuses

Blasphemous 2 enthusiasts who collect the 75 Marks of Martyrdom will be able to unlock new powerful Penitence abilities. This ability allows players to sacrifice their health in place of enemy damage. They will also experience increased damage resistance, and collecting all Marks will result in maximum damage resistance.

Players can also access secret or hidden locations, shortcuts, and bonus content in Blasphemous 2. The collection will also provide improved performance during boss fights. This improvement is due to the increase in damage resistance and Penitence ability. Gamers will also feel a sense of completion in this content-heavy game and set out to explore more parts of Cvstodia.

Written by Borut Udovic

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