Bloons TD 6: How to Beat Gravelord Lych Guide

The usual cute and charming game, Bloons TD 6, has an enemy that gives players the run for their money. Gravelord Lych is a bane for any Bloons TD 6 player with its tactics and strategies that can end a match as soon as it comes in. If you’re planning on going up against the Lych, then you’ll need some tips to get a fighting chance.

How to Beat Gravelord Lych Guide – Bloons TD 6

When beginning the game, you’ll need to start off by farming as much income as you can. The early stages of the match have to focus on greedy farming strategies so you can have the income you need when going up against the Lych.

When the Lych enters, make sure to have a specializer at single-targets without relying on any buffs, as the Lych has an ability that can literally steal your buff. Be careful who you choose to avoid wasting buffs.

And do not sell any of your towers when the Lych enters, as any tower sold will result in the Lych regaining health.

If you do need to sell, make sure to do it when Lych enters. Selling towers while at full health will not make it regain anymore past its maximum health.

At this point in the early tiers of the fight, make sure that you can still farm as much as you can, as the later tiers become much more difficult. Be sure to choose support with buffs that cannot be sappable like influence buffs and some hero buffs.

Once you reach the later tiers in the fight, that’s when you bust out the DPS and non-sappable supports. Select a hero that excels as a buffing source when starting early-game but will turn into a great buffing source when reaching late-game.

Again, DPS needs to go all out, so having some support can be beneficial in these stages. Be sure not too lean too much on support.

Having Paragons ready with the Lych can help defeat them faster, but it can be achievable without it. Though it is considered difficult without them, it is not impossible.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get past this boss, it’s a tough one. But look around for more strategies and adapt your playstyle to it. A couple of honorable mentions are FictionTalk, Bloons TD 6 reddit, and on our platform.

Written by Borut Udovic

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