Bloxburg 12Th Secret Elf Location | Where to find

Bloxburg is a Roblox-based roleplay and exploration game. Offering players the opportunity to build their dream house, Bloxburg also provides a personalized gameplay experience.

Roblox players can enter the Bloxburg universe for 25 Robux and enjoy this fun experience.

In addition, Bloxburg developers enrich the gameplay with the updates it brings to the game. As in the Christmas period of the last year, the Elf Hunt event was launched in the game this year as well.

As part of this new event, players should find elves hidden in various parts of the map. We will reveal the secret location of the 12th elf in this article.

Where to Find 12Th Secret Elf Location in Bloxburg

Here is 12th secret Elf Location in Bloxburg

The Elf Hunt event, which was added to Bloxburg in December, continues to offer players an exciting experience.

Within the scope of the event, Bloxburg players have to find multiple elves hidden in different parts of the map and feed them. After the player finds and feeds a secret elf, the elf disappears and the players receive different money rewards.

In addition, the food/drink the elves eat may vary. Some elves are fed by Normal Cookie, some of them are fed by Holiday Cookie or Gingerbread Cookie. Players need to pay attention to this point when they feed the elves.

The 12th elf is located where the trees are in the event area. As you can see in the picture below, the tree near the mountain is where the 12th elf hides. Players can find the 12th elf by going here and feeding it to get the reward.

Also, players who want to find and feed the 12th elf should not take the road without a glass of milk. The 12th elf does not feed on cookies, it only drinks milk.

Written by Borut Udovic

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