BONELAB: All Big Anomaly Collectible Locations (All Capsule Locations)

BONELAB is the new virtual reality craze focused on experimental physics action. Players set out to explore a mysterious laboratory filled with many weapons, challenges, secrets, and enemies to take out. The game has the word experimental at its very core as players can take on its many challenges however they may want. It is also more immersive considering that you would need a VR headset to play BONELAB.

In this game, there are several capsules scattered around its many levels for players to find. These capsules unlock various items that let you customize your gaming experience with BONELAB even more. They vary from new weapons, avatars, props, gadgets, and even model NPCs. Needless to say, it is best to keep an eye out for them every time you play a level of BONELAB.

In this guide, we will be showing you all the capsule collectibles in BONELAB’s Big Anomaly level.

All Big Anomaly Collectible Locations (All Capsule Locations) – BONELAB

Gym D12 Prop

After making your way through the hordes of Hazmat-wearing enemies at the room right after the start of the level, proceed left from where the level started and look for a doorway that leads to a very small room with a vent and a power fuse. On the table is the capsule for Gym D12 Prop.

Gravity Plate Gadget

Move further into the level. Once you are in the staircase section, go down and fight off the mechanical spiders that may block your way.

Take a peek under the staircase and there you should see the capsule for the Gravity Plate Gadget.

Electric Guitar Weapon

Look further into the staircase. Just beside the previous unlockable is a hidden pathway that you can shoot down.

Do so and you’d find yourself inside a very small room.  In a bucket beside a chair is the capsule for the Electric Guitar Weapon.

Gym Cylinder Half A Prop

Go back to the staircase now and this time head upwards. At the very end, you should see a platform that you can jump onto.

Try your best to leap on it or simply put your hand towards the capsule and get it. There you’d find the Gym Cylinder Half A Prop capsule.

MK18 Sabrelake Weapon

To the right of the platform you leaped onto to get the previous capsule collectible is yet another platform – this time with a pipe that you can grab onto.

Leap once more and grab on the pipe. Use it to reach the platform. There you should see the MK18 Sabrelake Weapon.

Gym Cone A Prop

Through the door out of the staircase is a long hallway. Go to the first room to your right. At the back of the room is a pair of vending machines.

Look at the corner of the smaller machine and there you should see the Gym Cone A Prop capsule.

Gym D4 Prop

After going through the vent with red light and dropping down from the room with a large circular hole in the middle, look behind you to see a set of bars in the dark.

Just behind it is the next capsule. It unlocks the Gym D4 Prop.

Gym Trapezoid C Prop

Continue with the level until you reach the section where you’d have to fight several enemies in a slanted room filled with tables and boxes.

Under the table that has another table leaning on it is the capsule that unlocks the Gym Trapezoid C Prop.

Baseball Prop

Proceed further and you should soon drop to another area. From where you dropped, go to the right to see a room with a huge hanging image and a desk. On the desk is another capsule. It unlocks the Baseball Prop.

Vector Weapon

Lastly, once you find your way to the triangular hallway, look behind you. At the very corner of the small section behind the staircase entryway, is the capsule that unlocks the Vector Weapon.

There you have it! You have now unlocked all the capsule collectibles in the Big Anomaly level. 

Written by Borut Udovic

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