BONELAB: All HUB Collectible Locations

BONELAB is an incredible VR game in which players can create their avatar to look however they want and explore the mysterious lab. There are plenty of items that can be found and collected in the access arenas, sandboxes, and experimental modes. You can find plenty of HUB collectibles that are really cool and you would want to have them on your list. If you have a hard time finding them all, then we will help you with that.

In this guide, you can find All HUB Collectible Locations in BONELAB!

All HUB Collectible Locations – BONELAB

Avatar: Jimmy

This avatar can be obtained only after finishing the story. It is located on top of the small green container room in the middle of the map. Carry on top of it and you will be able to get the capsule.

Avatar: Nullbody

Nullbody avatar capsule can be found inside the green garbage bin next to the Parkour entrance. Go near it and open the left cover of the garbage bin.

Gadget: Nimbus Gun

The Nimbus Gun capsule is located inside the bucket above the Sandbox entrance. Climb on it and you will get obtain the capsule and unlock the Nimbus Gun gadget.

Prop: Apollo

The Prop Apollo is located in the main Hub area. Make your way to the wall in the right side of the exit where you will find a machine, and on top of it you can get the Apollo capsule.

Avatar: Ford

Once you collect the Prop Apollo, go back on the same way, and on your right side you will see the exit gate with a small gap on the side of the stairs where you will find the Ford avatar capsule. Climb on the wall and you will collect the capsule and unlock the avatar.

Gadget: Spawn Gun

The Spawn Gun can be found on top of the central building, next to the generator. Use the stairs from the back of the building and get on top of it.

Prop: Cardboard Box Monogon

To get the Cardboard Box Monogon, you have to enter the quarantine area. Once you are inside, you have to climb to the control room on your ride side through the small hole on the side of the wall.

Click on the red button to open the gate and continue following the path until you come in a big room with a ladder. Climb the ladder and on the upper platform, you have to pass through the big fan and get inside the ventilation.

On the other side of the ventilation, you can find another gate that will lead you to another room. There will be an elevator, and you have to go around it and jump down exactly below the elevator where you will find the Cardboard Box Monogon capsule.

Get the capsule and you will automatically unlock Prop Cardboard Box Monogon.

Weapon: UMP

From the previous location, go back to the elevator and use it to go up to the next open area with the swimming pool. The UMP capsule is located on top of the jumping tower at the other side of the swimming pool.

Use the ladder and climb to the top to get your UMP weapon.

Avatar: Dog-Duck Season

The location of Dog-Duck Season is on top of the roof platform of the swimming pool area. You have to climb on the side of the wall where the lights are, and behind a pillar you will find the Dog-Duck Season capsule.

Take the capsule and you will automatically unlock the avatar.

Prop: Coffee Cup

In the same area of the swimming pool, go into the building in the middle and enter the door. Inside the room, you will find the capsule at the desk in the middle, next to the monitor.

 That’s it. Now you can go and get all HUB collectibles in BONELAB

Written by Borut Udovic

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