Bonelab: All NPC Locations

Bonelab is an amazing VR action game filled with a ton of hidden items and collectibles. The game contains levels in which you can participate and complete. Each level has a set of obstacles that you need to complete and earn rewards. The NPCs in this game are also hidden and will require you to achieve them.

This guide will show you all the NPC locations in Bonelab.

All NPC Locations – Bonelab

Corrupted Null Body

The Corrupted Null Body capsule can be found in the middle of level 13 Ascent area. Get to this specific area of the map and drop down. Drop all the way down and follow the gray pipe that leads to the end of the drop.

Right next to the pipe, the Corrupted Null Body capsule will be found.

Crablet Plus

The Crablet Plus NPC capsule can also be found at level 13. Here you need to follow the pipes until you stumble upon this area and the locker marked on the image below.

Simply open up the locker where you will find the NPC capsule.

Early Access Zombie

The Early Access Zombie NPC capsule is located in the Tunnel Tipper map. Here, you need to get to the top and attach yourself on the zip line. Go on the zip line and half way on your journey, you will see the NPC capsule in the corner of the wall.

Lava Skeleton

The Lava Skeleton NPC is located at the level 8 magma area. Once you make your way to the fiery lands, jump on the jump pad and drop down in a tight hole. On the ground where the hole is, you will find the NPC capsule.

Omni Turret

To get the Omni Turret, you will need to enter Level 13 and go to the area where there are a bunch of Omni projectors. Behind one of the Omni Projectors is where you will find the Omni Turret NPC capsule.

Peasant Female B

Peasant Female B is located in the Home zone at level 14. Simply get inside this tight alleyway and at the end you will find the Peasant Female B NPC capsule.

Peasant Female C

Peasant Female C can be found in the corner of the map just before entering the pub. This is also located at level 14 from where the previous NPC was. Simply get to this corner to get the NCP capsule.

Peasant Male B

This NPC capsule is located in the same zone from where the previous one was. To get this capsule, you need to go to the hanging area where there is a rope for hanging. Behind that area, you will find a rock that you can climb on and obtain the peasant capsule.

Peasant Null

Peasant Null is located at the Ascent zone in level 13. At the elevator room, you will find another area that you can climb. Climb up the area with a taller avatar and look behind a purple poster where you will find the Peasant Null NPC capsule.

Peasant Male A

This Peasant Male is located on the chimney in the pub where the previous Peasant C, simply fly up there where you will find the capsule.

Peasant Male C

This NPC capsule should is going to spawn around the elevator of the same level as the previous one. Simply look around the elevator and see where the ball may have rolled away.

Peasant Female A

The Peasant Female A is located right behind the house that you spawn from the elevator. Simply go behind the house and in the corner of the upper floor, you will find the capsule.

Make sure to fly to there as it is hard to reach this area normally.

Security Guard

This capsule is located at the Street Puncher area in level 6. Here get to the end and behind the 3 crates, you will find the capsule.

Steel Skeleton

The Steel Skeleton NPC capsule is located inside the Container Yard area. Get to this area on the map and climb the orange container. On top, you will find the capsule.

Omni Projector

The Omni Projector NPC capsule will require you to load up the gun range and get to the wooden house gun range. At the entrance of the wooden house, you will find the NPC capsule.

Null Rat

The Null Rat capsule is located in the level 3 long run area. Right under this area, you will find the capsule.

Written by Borut Udovic

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