BONELAB: How To Unlock The Nimbus & Spawn Gun

BONELAB is a completely new experimental physics VR action game. You are located in a mysterious lap filled with plenty of weapons, enemies, challenges and secrets that you have to reveal. Players can play in a sandbox playground using VR controls and physics in order to find and unlock some awesome items. Unlocking the Nimbus and Spawn guns is pretty simple if you know where to look for them, and today we are going to help you find and unlock both guns for you.

This guide will show you How to Unlock the Nimbus & Spawn Gun in BONELAB!

How To Unlock The Nimbus & Spawn Gun – BONELAB

How to Unlock Nimbus Gun

In order to unlock the Nimbus gun, you have to go to the Sandbox.

Once you are there, you will have to jump to the gray pail and inside of it you will find the Nimbus Gun capsule.

Pick it up, activate it and you will unlock the Nimbus gun for you.

How to Unlock Spawn Gun

To unlock the Spawn gun, you have to navigate to the control room in front of the Mods area.

Jump on top of the platform, and on the right side of the control station, you will find the Spawn gun capsule sitting on the ground.

Pick it up, activate it, and you will unlock this awesome gun for yourself.

Written by Borut Udovic

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