Bonelab: Top 10 Rarest Items (And How to Find Them)

Bonelab will give you a great time once you start looking for rare items. This VR game is packed with tricky levels which are filled with action. Rare items in this game can be found in little balls and used in future games. These rare items can sometimes contain skins, be weapons, or even charms.

This guide will show you the top 10 rarest items in Bonelab and where to find them.

Top 10 Rarest Items (And How to Find Them) – Bonelab


The P350 is a rare weapon that can be found in the neon district area. In this Tac Trial, you will find a guy that is standing behind a wall. You need to fly to him, defeat him and find the rare P350 there in a weapon capsule.

Gravity Cups

The Gravity Cups are a great tool that you can obtain once you make your way to the Rooftop parkour area. On the second rooftop where some enemies can be seen, you need to head left.

On the building on the left side, you will see a giant dancing girl hologram. Make your way next to the hologram, and on the ground in one of the corners, you will find the Gravity Cups in a gun capsule.

Staple Gun

To obtain the stapler gun, you will need to shoot targets. On a target, there will be a present. Once you shoot down the target with a present on it, you will obtain the Staple Gun rare item.


The Gruber rare item can be found at the Moonbase level. Here you need to get to the highest point on the map by doing any acrobatics really. The best method so far is to use a weapon and shoot in the ground, that way you will get knocked back in the air.

Once you make your way up there, you will find the rare item in this area.

PT8 Alaris (Silenced Pistol)

This rare weapon can be found in the Drop Pit Tac Trial. After Phase 2, you need to look on the left side where you will see an air vent. Shoot down the air vent to make yourself a passage. Enter the air vent and go to the end. At the end of the path, you will find the PT8 Alaris Silenced Pistol rare item.

Board Gun

The Board Gun is another rare item that you can find at the Container Yard Sandbox and locate a room where there is a jump pad in the middle. In the corner of the room, you will find the Board Gun gun capsule which you can obtain.

M16 Holosight

The M16 Holosight will require you to join the Tunnel Tipper map get to the highest point which is next to the zip lines. Once there, you will be able to see a small gun capsule in the right corner of the area. Pick it up to obtain this rare item.

M4 Shotgun

The M4 Shotgun will require you get to the gun range and locate this specific target area where the floor is made out of wood. The small gun capsule will be located behind one of the targets in this smaller room.


The Katana is located inside the Street Puncher level. Here, you will need to get almost to the end of the level and enter a room filled with elevators. At the end of the room, on the right side, you will see a trash bin. Simply look inside the trash bin and reach in with your hand to obtain the Katana rare item.

Green Null Body (Null Body Agent)

The Green Null Body agent is easy to obtain. Enter the Rooftops parkour area, exit the first door that you see and go inside the area where the first agent will appear out from some curtains. Enter that small room, and on the left side right next to the entrance inside the room you will find the rare item.

Written by Borut Udovic

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