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Borderlands 3 Bank Empty | Where’d my items go?

Borderlands 3 Bank Empty

These days, games are almost guaranteed to come with a few bugs, at least on release day. On launch day, Borderlands 3 was a mess. It still is in a few ways: broken character builds, boss farming difficulties, and now empty banks. Many players have found themselves wondering, “Why’s my Borderlands 3 bank empty?” upon seeing all of their items missing. Here’s what there is to know about the loot busting bug, and if there are any ways around it. 

Why is my Borderlands 3 Bank Empty?

Borderlands 3 Bank Empty

Borderlands 3 is a game built on loot. There are virtually limitless ways of combining weapons and items, giving the game one of the most comprehensive crafting systems ever. Players also need a place to store all of this loot. After all, inventories are bound to fill up eventually, with so many item drops. It’s no surprise that Borderlands 3 developers realized this, and decoded to add banks. 

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However, many players are dismayed upon returning to find their Borderlands 3 bank empty. Hours of amazing gear and weapons, gone in what feels like an instant. The issue seems to happen randomly; some players’ items are fine for a while, others are gone each and every time they log in. That’s not the only bug with the game’s banks, sometimes they don’t sort things correctly either. 

Borderlands 3 players need to be cautious when using banks, at least until Gearbox finds and fixes the problem. Really, just don’t place anything too valuable in a bank, and all those precious items should be fine. In the meantime, all players can do is wait for Gearbox. 

Many players have submitted tickets to the developers, and Gearbox has made it known that they’re aware of the problem. In the meantime, while developers are doing everything they can to fix the banking bug, it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep your items safe from the Borderlands 3 bank empty bug.

Written by Andrew Smith

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