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Borderlands 3 Monocle | How to get, where to find, stats

Borderlands 3 Monocle

Borderlands 3 doesn’t hold any rounds back when it comes to weapons. Boasting over a billion different weapons, there are some that stick out, and some that blend in. The Borderlands 3 Monocle is a sniper that sticks out from the rest. It’s a Legendary Weapon that has drastically higher stats than other base snipers. Here’s all there is to know about the Monocle, and how you can get one of your very own. 

How to Get the Borderlands 3 Monocle Sniper

Borderlands 3 Monocle

The Borderlands 3 Monocle is an extremely powerful sniper, capable of making quick work of most enemies from vast ranges. The Monocle’s specialty is in critical hits. When zoomed in with the Monocle, critical hits receive a bonus of about 350%. This is somewhat hampered by a slightly reduced base damage compared to other snipers, but that is made up for in increased zoom, accuracy, and reload speed. 

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Getting the Monocle isn’t as easy as buying it or searching a specific area for it. The Monocle can only be found through randomized item drops — this means a whole lot of farming. Some lucky few may be able to find it in weapon caches, but that’s not a strategy to hold out for. 

One of the best ways to farm for the Monocle is through farming bosses. We have an excellent guide on farming Borderlands 3 bosses that cover some of the easiest to kill, highest yield enemies that should help you out. Within a handful of tries, you’re sure to net the Monocle and a few other Legendary Weapons. 

There are also other gambits to take towards getting the Monocle. By literally gambling, you have a slight chance of receiving the Monocle or other legendary guns. However, this strategy is only viable if you have an enormous amount of credits or a mind-boggling amount of luck. 

Written by Andrew Smith