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Borderlands 3 Null Pointer Location | Where to Find

Borderlands 3 Null Pointer Location

The rare Borderlands 3 Null Pointer weapon is a Sniper Rifle that is obtained after completing the mission “Hostile Takeover.” While using the Hyperion made weapon, the player activates a shield on the gun that protects them from direct, incoming damage. After reading this guide, you’ll be right on your way to getting the Null Pointer in Borderlands 3 and taking out more Calypsos like nobody’s business.

Where to Find Borderlands 3 Null Pointer

Borderlands 3 Null Pointer Location

To find the Borderlands 3 Null Pointer, you’ll need to complete the sixth main story mission, Hostile Takeover.  The weapon location can be found in the Meridian Metroplex area on the planet Promethea, while players help Zer0 raid a building.

It’s recommended that players be around Level 12 to take on this mission, so be mindful of that before you start. The goal of the mission is to ally with the Atlas Corporation to stop the Calypsos from opening a Vault. Once you finally strike up a deal with the Atlas Corporation, you’re tasked with protecting them from the incoming Maliwan invasion.

As you play through the mission, you will eventually end up meeting up with a character named Zer0. Once you reach this point in the mission, you’ll know you’re close to the Null Pointer location.After conversing with Zer0, you’ll need to storm a building and should be prepared for a large number of enemies. There will be the initial wave of bots, and then the counterattack will come, which is what you need to be ready for.

To slightly speed up the process, there will be large enemies with a piece of spherical armor on their shoulders, to take them out quicker, aim for the sphere. After defeating all the enemies, you will search through the weapons depot with Zer0 to look for a weapon upgrade for him. While you’re searching, you’ll be able to find the Borderlands 3 Null Pointer weapon location. All you have left to do is trade with Zer0 for the weapon upgrade and he will give you the new weapon.

Along with the one given by Zer0, players are ensured at least one chance at the Null Pointer during the Hostile Takeover mission. It should appear in a white weapon chest in the same weapons depot you are exploring to find Zer0’s weapon upgrade. Both are accessible in the same area, so one is not easier to grab than the other. Happy hunting!Bor

Written by Andrew Smith