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Borderlands 3 Penn and Teller | Easter egg location

Borderlands 3 Penn and Teller

Well established, long running video game titles have become something of a cultural phenomenon. Every few years, when a new triple A title is released, it combines almost all of the greatest memes and pop culture references of the time. Borderlands 3 does just that, with its myriad references, cameos, and easter eggs. For example, innocuous jars of pickles and beer bottles take on a whole different meaning in the game. Well, here’s how to find a reference to a famous magician duo in our Borderlands 3 Penn and Teller easter egg location guide. 

Borderlands 3 Penn and Teller | Where to find the magical easter egg

Borderlands 3 Penn and Teller

For those that don’t know, Penn and Teller are a pair of wildly successful stage magicians. They’ve made several appearances over the years, and have recently started providing online lessons. It’s no surprise that Borderlands 3 has made some allusion to them. After all, they’re living, breathing memes. 

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The pair appear in various unexpected locations across Borderlands 3. Some incredibly keen users have heard them provide dialogue for background noises, as Penn Jillette can be heard in Maliwan City. If players are at the right place, at the right time, they’ll hear Penn providing some handy advice over the city’s PA system. 

Another reference to the dynamically whimsical duo was made in a reveal trailer. It revealed some spectacular footage of a boss fight, the Borderlands 3 Penn and Teller boss fight. Oh wait, scratch that, it’s the Pain and Terror boss fight. Despite being a minor shout out to the esteemed stage performers, it was a shout out nonetheless. 

There are likely other references to Penn and Teller in Borderlands 3 that are yet to be uncovered. Unsurprisingly, their appearances can be attributed to Gearbox executive Randy Pitchford. He’s publicly declared his admiration of the pair on many occasions. Hopefully, Pitchford saw to leaving some more easter egg locations to be found. Only time can tell.  

Written by Andrew Smith