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Bugsnax | How to Catch a Bunger

Catch a bunger

Wambus Troubleham has one more request for you before you continue your Bugsnax quest — catch a Bunger. In “Burger Time,” you have to learn one more way to use ketchup in order to capture a bug. And, just like all of the other missions, you only get a little bit of a hint. This game’s puzzles are clever, but can be a bit annoying to chew through. If you’re having trouble with this Wambus’s quest, this short guide should help you out.

How to Catch a Bunger in Bugsnax

In order to catch a Bunger, you’ll need to find two of them relatively near each other. In the area below Wambus, the Bungers are near each other, but not quite close enough. So make sure you have a ton of ketchup because a Bunger’s strength becomes its biggest weakness!

To catch it, you’ll need to use some ketchup to lure the two Bungers together. That’s because you need to make one bonk the other! The Bungers have a pretty big aggro range, so you won’t need to bring them too close together, just a few steps closer than they are right now.

Once they look like they’re close enough to charge at one another, cover one of them in ketchup. The other one will charge at the ketchup-covered one and knock it out. Then, you can use your net to capture the stunned one.

One thing to look out for though, a bugsnax that touches water cleans all of the ketchup off of it! So, try to make sure your Bunger isn’t about to head into the little river in the Wambus area when you smother it. Otherwise, you might be charging headfirst into a headache!

Now that you have successfully caught a Bunger, return it to Wambus and feed it to him. This will complete his missions and will allow you to head into Snaxburg!

Written by Andrew Smith