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Bugsnax | How to Upgrade Snaxpack

Upgrade Snaxpack Bugsnax

As you continue your hunt for Elizabert in Bugsnaxyou’ll need to consistently upgrade your Snaxpack so you can carry more creatures. However, if you’re not careful, it can be easy to miss the explanation on how to upgrade your Snaxpack. Luckily, in this guide, we will explain everything you need to know to carry more Bugsnax.

How to Upgrade Snaxpack in Bugsnax

To upgrade your Snaxpack, you’ll need to make donations to Gramble’s ranch. For the first upgrade, you’ll need to donate six Bugsnax, then 12, and so on. As you complete the donations, you’ll get more Snaxpack space, allowing you to hold onto more creatures at a time. At the time of writing, it’s unclear how much extra backpack space you can get through donations.

However, to get the donation option in the first place, you’ll need to speak with Gramble after convincing them to rejoin the community. After you interview them, there will be a blue exclamation mark over their head, indicating that you should speak to them about a new mission. When you do so, you’ll get the “Empty Nest” assignment that will require you to donate six Bugsnax to the ranch.

As you collect the creatures, you’ll need to take them to the donations box at the ranch. When you’ve dropped off six, you’ll get a notification that you’ve received a Snaxpack upgrade. Going forward, you can simply drop off the creatures at the donations box, no need to speak to Gramble.

So, anytime you find yourself with extra Bugsnax, you may want to consider donating them to Gramble. Additionally, if you ever have a full Snaxpack and need to drop some inventory to continue on with a mission, you may want to consider going back to camp and dropping off a donation so you can work towards a Snaxpack upgrade.

If you’re looking to farm backpack upgrades, your best bet is going to be to catch the simple creatures that can be found in the early locations. Think things like __ and __. These Bugsnax aren’t very advance and should be pretty easy to capture quickly during any downtime. That said, odds are you’ll find yourself with plenty of leftover creatures in your Snaxpack as you play through the game anyways. Just don’t forget to donate them!

Written by Andrew Smith