Bungie and Nerf Collaborate on Awesome Gjallarhorn Nerf Gun That Can Be Earned

Bungie and Nerf have collaborated on a Gjallarhorn gun
Image Via Bungie/Nerf

The Gjallarhorn is traditionally brandished by Heimdall. Fans of Norse Mythology or the Marvel character Thor know that Heimdall is the god responsible for watching for invaders along the rainbow bridge. And in mythology, the Gjallarhorn is to be blown by the watcher at the coming of Ragnarok (the end of the world).

The horn serves a different purpose in Destiny 2. In the title, developed by Bungie, it is not a horn at all but a rocket launcher. A devastating rocket launcher at that. And thanks to a new partnership, gamers could now own a Nerf Gjallarhorn.

You can’t just buy the awesome gun, though, you have to earn the right to purchase it. Gamers can qualify to order the toy by completing the dungeon on Bungie’s new 30th Anniversary game. Players then have to earn the weapon in the actual game.

The horn/rocket launcher has some impressive details. First, it is a built-in one-to-one scale with the weapon from the game. That means that it stands at a massive four feet long.

The Gjallarhorn also shoots what Nerf is referring to as Mega Shells. Once these shells are fired they launch additional darts. This is in reference to the title’s Wolfpack Rounds.

Once you are able to earn the right to buy the Gjallarhorn, the toy is not going to be cheap. It is currently available for pre-order for $160. Gamers have until August 1st of 2022 to qualify and purchase their rocket launcher.

The Destiny 2: 30th Anniversary Pack is currently available to play on Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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