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Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Outbreak | How To Complete Escort

Zombies Outbreak Escort

In the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode, Outbreak, there are five separate open-world-esque maps that the player and their squad can enter. Each of these maps has its own main objectives that the player needs to do in order to either exfil or move on to the next mission. On the map Golova, you are given an escort mission, but just how does the player complete it? Don’t worry because we have the answer!

How To Complete the Escort Mission in Outbreak
Escort Golova Zombie outbreak

The map Golova is the host of Outbreak’s escort mission. This mission has the players go to the location of a transport truck that holds a rover inside. The rover itself actually holds a small albino monkey in a cage on the back. Once the player initiates the main objective, the truck will eject the rover.

From there the players must stay with the rover as it makes its way to the Dark Aether anomalies on the map. The rover is attempting to use these anomalies to enter the Dark Aether. The rover attracts zombies that try to attack and destroy it, so the player will need to defend it. If all the players in the game start too far from the rover, it will stop moving and wait for them to get close to it to escort it again.

The rover will make its way to a total of three anomalies, the first two will be inadequate for transfer. Sometimes the anomalies that are inadequate will spit out the rover a far distance and the players need to run to its location to save it from the undead.

Once the rover gets close to the third and final anomalies, a large number of zombies will start to spawn through it. Be prepared to cut down these monsters, especially the special ones that join the standard zombies. Once you do that and the rover enters the anomaly, you will have completed the escort mission.

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Written by Andrew Smith