Call of Duty Next Event – Everything We Learned

Call of Duty Next Event - Everything We Learned
Photo Credit: Activision

The Call of Duty Next event today has uncovered a rather large road map that paints a bright future for the franchise. From Modern Warfare 2, Warzone Mobile, Warzone 2.0, the all-new DMZ mode, and more. We’re going to cover everything that’s been announced.

Let’s take a look at the future of Call of Duty!

What’s old is new

3rd Person mode is making a comeback at launch. Not since the original Modern Warfare 2 has this mode existed. You can expect a dedicated playlist for this one. Pistols are also making a comeback. The new ledge hanging mechanic allows you to attack on different elevations. While hanging before you commit to the climb up, you can peek if you have a pistol equipped, much like the ladders in MW19.

New COD Multiplayer and Warzone 2 tactical options

We’ve got all new tactical options for multiplayer and Warzone 2 alike. They include a drill charge that shoots explosives into another room or floor, clearing everything in the area. Next up are inflatable decoys that confuse or distract your enemies.

The Call of Duty Next event details the future of COD
Photo Credit: Activision

A shock stick can attach to various surfaces or vehicles and deliver an EMP effect. A neat new option is DDoS attacks which can clear out an entire building helping you make a strategic push. Finally, there is a change to the beloved heartbeat sensor. Sporting a new design, this heartbeat has a limited battery. Use sparingly, however, as it won’t last you the entire match anymore!

Say hello to aquatic combat!

A new update to Warzone features the water on the game’s map. While the water was only used to keep you within the map’s boundaries in Warzone 2.0, aquatic combat is a full-on feature this time. Use your pistols underwater to launch a surprise attack, dive deep into the water for cover, and utilize boats and floating land mines to take control of the seas.

Maps are designed with specific playstyles in mind

Maps are designed with the community in mind. Infinity Ward created maps around three play styles:

  • Rushers are the aggressive run and gunners.
  • Sentinels are the campers who prefer to hold down an area or objective.
  • Stalkers prefer to hang back and see how a situation unfolds before making their move.

Expect the maps to cater to each play style.

New game modes, maps, and missions

The all-new Invasion mode will feature a huge 20v20 mode complete with AI bots populating the map. Expect something akin to ground war, but with fewer announcer call-outs. This mode is expected to be played at a slower, more tactical pace.

The new 6v6 mode Prisoner rescue will be familiar to veteran Counter-Strike players. You’ll need to defend or extract two hostages to win the round. This single-life mode will require good play from your team to complete your objective.

Special Ops missions are returning
Photo Credit: Activision

Special Ops missions are back! Grab your friend and complete missions with one operator on the ground while the other provides overwatch from the air.

The new Battle Map, Sarrif Bay, will feature a large-scale town complete with tight alleyways, ledges for parkour combat, rooftops for sniping, and various aquatic combat opportunities.

Welcome back, Gunsmith!

The Gunsmith is back and cleaner than ever. We’re back to 5 attachments like MW19 with a unique receiver slot. Change your receiver to change the weapon, but keep all your attachments on them. Are you switching from the M4A1 to the ACR? Simply switch the receiver to keep your optic, fore-grip, and magazine on them.

Attachments are much easier to unlock as well. Unlock the commando fore-grip once, and it is unlocked for all subsequent weapons. No need to unlock the same attachment multiple times! I’m down for anything that decreases the grind.

The FJX weapon vault is the first of its kind. Keeping the red and black aesthetic across all attachments, you won’t have to worry about losing your gun’s unique look just because you want a different stock. I hope we get more of these as the game’s life cycle continues. Anime bundle, anyone?

Warzone 2.0 news

For some, this is the highlight of the Call of Duty Next event: the next era of Warzone.

Raids will be available after Warzone 2.0’s release on November 16th. Little is known at this point, but they have been confirmed today.

Warzone 2.0’s new map is called Al Mazrah, which looks amazing. A Middle-Eastern aesthetic features multiple Points of interest, including some familiar places, such as the terminal from the original Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 2.0 Al Mazrah map
Photo Credit: Activision

Vehicles are getting a huge rework as well. Tires can now be shot out during gunfights, as well as needed to re-fuel your vehicles. Gas stations around the map can be used to take care of both. New multi-circle zones will appear mid-game, forcing you to separate into one of three zones. Kill all the other squads in your zone and re-merge into the final zone with the other best squads.

DMZ, a new extraction survival mode, arrives with Warzone 2.0. Infiltrate Al Mazrah with your squad and try your best to survive. AI is present and lethal in this mode; they will occupy strongholds, patrol various POIs, and defend certain loot and objectives. This mode will cater to different playstyles; going loud, playing stealthily, or attacking players and completing missions, play your way. Just make sure you’re able to extract at the end!

Welcome back, Verdansk!

Verdansk is coming back and is available exclusively on CoD Mobile. Featuring cross-play between Apple and Android and separate lobbies for PC players running emulators. This is available for pre-registration now and releasing sometime next year.

Playstation users may pre-order now to get an exclusive bonus. The Oni operator and Blueprint will be available in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 on October 28th.

That does it for the Call of Duty Next event!


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