Can You Escape The 100 Room 15: Level 1 – 5 Game Walkthrough

Can You Escape The 100 Room is a puzzle game where players will have to use their brains to solve puzzles and proceed to the next levels. Players will have to attentively go through all parts of their screen as many items and secrets are hidden in every corner.

While Levels 1 to 5 have varying settings, the principles to get out is the same for all of the levels, use the items you find to acquire the key for the door to progress to the next level

Down below is a guide for Levels 1 to5.

Level 1 – 5 Game Walkthrough – Can You Escape The 100 Room 15

Here are the solutions for each level.

Level 1

  • Inspect the phone booth to get badge pieces. You can combine these pieces and put them in a panel next to the red door.
  • You can solve the puzzle on this panel by making sure the top and bottom pieces combine to form the middle piece. Solving this puzzle will give you a hand crank.
  • This hand crank can be used to play music with the gramophone on the lower left.
  • The gramophone will also have a coin on it that you can take and use in the phone booth. Inspect the billboard to see a number you can call. Dialing it in the phone booth will let you hear music.
  • Go back to the gramophone to play the music that you heard and it will give you a key that you can use to open the car.
  • Inside the car will be a small box that you can open which will contain the door handle to the red door. Allowing you to move on to the next room.

Level 2

  • Inspect the small table on the lower left to grab a hand crank that you can use on the TV.
  • You can also inspect the shelf on the left to see pictures on the vases and a figuring of a carriage driver.
  • The pattern of pictures on the TV and the vases will reveal that the combination to the safe on the upper right will be “4156”. It will contain a pattern for a clock and an animal badge.
  • Place the carriage driver on the small toy carriage on the table and input the clock pattern. This will give you another animal badge.
  • Finally, inspect the blue shelf at the center to place the animal badges.
    Placing the animals in their correct habitats will open the door and allow you into the next level.

Level 3

  • Grab the cat climbing house next to the neon signs and head inside.
  • Place the cat climbing house inside so that the cat will no longer obstruct the ladder and you can take it.
  • The leftmost painting will hide a safe behind it. The code for it is “FISH” as can be seen on the sign outside.
  • Inside the safe will be a blue toy cat. On the table in the middle of the room will be a red toy cat. You can place both of them on the shelf to the right.
  • To solve the shelf puzzle, you have to make the color of the cats similar to the color of the windows outside on the second floor of the building. Solving this puzzle will give you a key.
  • Now all you have to do now is go outside, place the ladder between the neon signs and go up to the door on the second floor and continue onwards.

Level 4

  • Inspect the sled on the floor to get a puzzle piece and half of a Santa figurine.
  • Place this puzzle piece on the puzzle box on the floor and have the arrows all point towards the middle. This will award you with the other half of the Santa figurine.
  • You can combine these pieces and place them on the shelf. This will open a cabinet containing a moon.
  • Place this moon in the chandelier on the ceiling and you will get a key that you can use on the door to continue to the next level.

Level 5

  • Inspecting the area, you can grab:
    • Firewood and a totem in the lower right
    • Meat on the table
    • Flint and another totem in the wagon
  • You can place the two totems on the shelf on the upper left.
    For this puzzle you will have to make all of their eyes light up.
  • This will give you a small boat puzzle, the solution pattern for which can be found on the table where you got the meat.
  • Add more firewood and use the flint on the cooking fire and place the pot on it.
    Cook the meat on top of it and add the magic potion.
  • This will transform it into Moonlight Meat that you can give to the wolf and end the level.

And those are all the solutions for Levels 1-5 in Can You Escape The 100 Room!

Written by Borut Udovic

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