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Chained Echoes Elevator Key | Where to Find

Chained Echoes Elevator Key - Where to Find

The eight heroes of Chained Echoes are reaching the endgame with the chaos in Valandis coming to an epic conclusion. Equipped with Sky Armors and advanced gear, the heroes head toward Raminas Tower to deal with the final foes of the game. They have to access the elevator in the Raminas Tower to come face-to-face with a distinctive antagonist. However, it’s told through passing that the lower levels of the Raminas Tower hold a number of unique monsters and items. The player can actually visit the lower areas, but they’ll first need an elevator key before they delve into the depths of the Tower.

Where to Find the Elevator Key in Chained Echoes

Where to Find the Elevator Key in Chained Echoes

The Raminas Tower elevator key is located back at the Magic Academy of Nhysa. It can be found inside a chest within an office near the courtyard. Take the key back with you to Raminas Tower to access the elevator. Upon interacting with it, it’ll ask the player where they’ll want to go. Either “head to the top”, “use elevator key to head for 1F”, or “don’t use the elevator” will be your options. Go with the middle selection, and your party will then transition to the lower sections of the Raminas Tower.

Below the Raminas Tower lies a variety of abandoned hallways, dungeons, and enemies. We highly recommend utilizing your map as much as possible while exploring 1F. There are several levels and corners to get around, coupled with the dormant enemies that spring into action once you get close to them. Expect to receive a good amount of SP when you’re down there.

Acquiring the elevator key in Chained Echoes is essential for completionists and eager warriors who are thirsty for more challenges. The elevator key not only gives the player access to the lower levels of the Raminas Tower but also a couple of elemental tablets. These are used to break open a forbidden seal that ultimately frees the God King Gaemdriel. This acts as the ultimate boss of Unchained Echoes, generating a testing ground to see who can take down this secret enemy.

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Written by Andrew Smith