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Chained Echoes | How to Win Rock Paper Scissors

Chained Echoes - How to Win Rock Paper Scissors

Before all hell breaks loose in Chained Echoes, Ser Victor has a chance to enjoy some festivities. During his introductory playthrough, he’ll get to play some carnivalesque games that include an apple-eating contest, a turtle race, and an intense match of Rock Paper Scissors. That’s right! Before you ultimately dive into climatic action with deadly creatures and sick bosses, you can play Rock Paper Scissors with a supposed champion for some festival chips. However, his rules are a little peculiar, for he knows how to win the game. There are some hints nearby on how to defeat him, but we’ll organize a strategy for you to rely on.

How to Win Rock Paper Scissors in Chained Echoes

How to Win Rock Paper Scissors in Chained Echoes

The Rock Paper Scissors champion dons a green suit resembling two fingers that gesture a peace sign (or a pair of scissors, depending on how you look at it). A total of three turns will be in session as long as you continue to win against his gambling odds. The correct order to execute is Paper, then Rock, then Scissors. Failure to commit to the sequence will result in the loss of some festival chips.

Whenever you approach the champ, you’ll have to wager in 5 chips to compete. Since the entry fee is incredibly low, the champion has added a new rule. If the match concludes with a tie, he will be the victor instead of a tiebreaker coming into play. Retrying the game isn’t an issue, though, even if you lose all of your chips. To replenish your stack, return to Heinlein near the entrance of the festival. He’ll gladly provide you with additional chips to gamble with.

If you speak with some of the nearby festival attendants, you can discover some clues that can offer you a strategy. Some of the clues that you can find will be close to the center of the festival. It’s just a matter of speaking with multiple townsfolk to help put the pieces together.

Regardless, here are the clues that the festival-goers will share:

  • Champion will never use Paper after using Rock.
  • The same sign won’t be used twice in a row.
  • Evidently, the champion will use each sign at least once.
  • It appears that this self-proclaimed champ relies on using Rock first for each new individual game.

Once you’ve bested the RPS champion, you can then collect your rewards at the end of the festival. Of course, there are other games that you can check out, but that pretty much does it for Rock Paper Scissors in this charming JRPG.

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Written by Andrew Smith