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Chained Echoes Sturdy Bucket | Where to Find

Chained Echoes Sturdy Bucket - Where to Find

The courageous heroes in Chained Echoes are no strangers to any kind of danger within Valandis. Creatures of all variants stand in their way, as they journey across land and sea to put an end to war. Of course, each of the characters comes with their preferred methods of combat, both in execution and style. However, while the distinctive weapons and abilities are vital, it’s also crucial to stand in battle with enhanced armor. If you’re looking to upgrade some armor, then you’re going to need some Sturdy Buckets in your inventory. Only a couple of enemies possess a Sturdy Bucket, which we’ve uncovered with the guide below.

Where to Find Sturdy Bucket in Chained Echoes

Where to Find Sturdy Bucket in Chained Echoes

You can acquire a Sturdy Bucket by defeating a Goblin Soldier within the Termina Caves of Rohlan Fields. Alternatively, you can steal them while playing as Sienna if you’re looking to escape from a fight. In addition to the Goblin Soldiers, you can hunt down and eliminate Bob the Real Gob somewhere in the Ograne Grottos if you’re up for a challenge. In either case, a Sturdy Bucket will come your way.

A helpful adventurer in the Ograne Grottos can assist by pointing you in the right direction for Bob the Real Gob. He claims that the special goblin strolls “northeast of Ograne”. What makes this particular enemy quite noteworthy is his hatred toward other goblins, further wishing that they were all dead. This means that he won’t be spotted near any goblins within his vicinity of the Ograne. Therefore, it’s up to you to deal with any wandering goblins in order to properly summon Bob the Real Gob to the battlefield.

Upon encountering Bob, who is also a Unique Monster, you’ll find that he is weak to earth-based attacks, though he does ravel in fire strikes as his strength. It’s best to diminish any damage from his fiery attacks as you cycle through your selected heroes. His HP is set at 12000, so prepare to deliver some heavy blows.

When you do defeat Bob, you’ll potentially receive more than just the desirable Uncommon Sturdy Bucket. You can also obtain a Goblin Head and a rare form of the Sturdy Bucket if you’re lucky.

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Written by Andrew Smith