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Chained Echoes | What Are Canned Enemies?

Chained Echoes - What Are Canned Enemies?

Valandis is home to a wide variety of unique monsters, many of which the player will fight against while exploring Chained Echoes. The new JRPG from Matthias Linda and Deck13 brings in the familiar elements of the genre, one of which includes particular stats and boosts that transpire during combat. If you’ve been playing through Chained Echoes a bit, you might have noticed the Canned status whilst highlighting an enemy when it’s your turn to strike. However, there is nothing to do here when it comes Canned enemies — not until you acquire a certain character later on in Chained Echoes.

What Are Canned Enemies in Chained Echoes?

What Are Canned Enemies in Chained Echoes?

The heroes of Chained Echoes can only interact with Canned enemies if they have Tomke in their party. He first appears in Act II where the Arkant Archipelago section of the game takes place. His one Action Skill, Uncanny Encounter, potentially places a targeted enemy into a can and proceeds to consume it. They must first meet a certain threshold in their health in order for the skill to take effect, which we’ll touch on later in this guide. Once it does, the “canned” foe will be added to your Bestiary.

The Canned stat goes along with the Strengths and Weaknesses of the enemy when choosing one to attack while on the field. Additionally, there’s Steal for Sienna to potentially engage with.

Tomke starts off with only one Action Skill as opposed to the heroes in the game. With the inclusion of canning enemies (and not in a business-esque fashion), Tomke can absorb both memories and new Action Skills for you to utilize. However, it won’t work with every enemy in the game.

For reference, here are the other Action Skills that you can acquire for Tomke, along with the required monsters that must be canned:

  • Broken Accordion – Seahorse Knight in Leviathan’s Trench
  • Cigarette’s Light – Terror Terrier in Phyon Oasis
  • Clap on the Back – Blemmyae in Nhysa
  • Convert – Adamant Crab in Arkant Archipelago
  • Freak Wave – Saliva in Rohlan Fields
  • Hard Swing – Boxfly in Rohlan Fields
  • Know Your Limits – Vin in Fiorwoods
  • Run Aground – Alphoarn in Kotara Mountain Range
  • Rushing Anchor – Croapier in the Sewers of the Baalrut Tunnel
  • Sacrifice – Sewerdiver in Narslene Sewers
  • Sailor’s Song – Ice Devil in Mount Rydell
  • Sharing is Caring – Ancient Turtke in Shambala
  • Spinach Power – Titan Elemental in Kotara Mountain Range
  • Spinning Swirl – Golem in Empyrean Ruins
  • Treasure Mark – Phantom in Nhysa

“Canned” Requirements

Naturally, your clan will have to do some backtracking if you’re looking to obtain all of Tomke’s abilities. There’s also a small list of requirements to meet before Tomke can toss an enemy into a can to eat, including the health bar consideration.

Firstly, upon selecting an enemy, ensure that the “Canned” stat has a green check mark. Secondly, three different levels determine how much HP is needed for the action to take place. Level 1 enemies need to be below 25% HP; Level 2 applies to below 30%; Level 3 goes for below 40%. Failure to can an enemy will result in Tomke losing a turn. And third, Canned enemies can only be canned once. When they’re added to the Bestiary, there won’t be a necessity to eat another one while playing as Tomke.

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Written by Andrew Smith