Chihiro Fujioka, Super Mario Rpg Director, Wants to Make a Sequel

Chihiro Fujioka, Super Mario RPG Director, Wants to Make a Sequel
Photo Credit: Nintendo

The director of Super Mario RPG, Chihiro Fujioka, expressed his interest in making a follow-up to Super Mario RPG. Fujioka recently spoke with the YouTube channel MinnMax when the topic was brought up.

Chihiro Fujioka, Super Mario RPG Director, Wants to Make a Sequel
Photo Credit: Nintendo

While discussing Fujioka’s career, a successor to Super Mario RPG came up.

The whole exchange on the subject has been transcribed below.

Ben Hanson: “Were you eager to get your hands on a Mario RPG again at some point again in your career?”

Chihiro Fujioka: “Yeah I would absolutely love to make one.”

Hanson: “Oh even now is what you’re saying?”

Fujioka: Yeah!”

Hanson: “ can still pitch Miyamoto on a sequel to Super Mario RPG you know.”

Fujioka: (laughs) “Yeah so in my career I’ve been involved in a lot of games, and you know I would really like my final one to be like another Mario RPG game if possible.”

Hanson: “Oh, that’s awesome…different from Mario & Luigi? You want to go back to Mario RPG?”

Fujioka: “Yeah, I mean I think that Mario & Luigi is cool but I would like to go back and create a Mario RPG where you’re only controlling Mario.”

Hanson: “Do you have story ideas?”

Fujioka: “That is a secret!”

It should be noted that Super Mario RPG is currently not available on Nintendo Switch Online as part of the Super Nintendo library of games available. It is, however, available for purchase still on the Wii U Virtual Console. There’s no real reason Nintendo hasn’t made the game available on the Switch other than they simply don’t want to.

The full interview is available below and is well worth the watch.

If you’re holding out for a sequel to Super Mario RPG, there’s still clearly a glimmer of hope. Fujioka is on board. Here’s to hoping Nintendo is as well. Stranger things have happened!


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